LG Electronics 32LB5800 32 inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV Review

LG 32LB5800 Full HD 60Hz Smart LED TV via Amazon

LG Electronics 32LB5800 Smart LED TV

Silver LG Electronics 32LB5800 is a decent 32 inch (31.5 inch exact if diagonally measured) Full HD Smart LED TV with 1080p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, so although it is FHD and smart, it is still the budget type with scaled back smart features and modest refresh rate. You’ll see a couple of downgraded features than the more expensive models and it is suitable for those looking for a great quality relatively basic TV (good image and sound) with light smart TV functionality without the extra bells and whistles.

LG 32LB5800 is easy on the eyes- has a low key but attractive design with its thin (0.5 inch) brushed silver bezels- almost frameless, a slim profile (only 2.2 inch thick at its thickest part where the speakers are located) and V shaped dual leg stand. It weighs just 13.2 pounds (very light) and has the dimensions of 28.82 x 16.97 x 2.19 inches without stand. You can customise the picture easily and the dark shadow and light-flow through are easily achieved and you can play video games on it conveniently with the gaming setting. Sound quality is excellent for a TV of this size and level, through its integrated speakers located at the bottom back without even connecting a sound bar but it doesn’t have a subwoofer some of the lower range is somewhat sacrificed (Cinema setting followed by Standard setting would be your best bets) and it has a good variety of connectivity ports including 3 x HDMI 1.4, 3 x USB, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 PC Audio, 1 LAN, 1 RF and 1 Digital Audio Out (optical).

LG 32LB5800 FHD LED TV Energy Guide

Colour accuracy, contrast and brightness are quite good but the contrast is not as good as the higher range LG televisions but the fact is light flow through is achieved successfully and image depth is perfectly fine. Triple XD Picture Processing Engine and 8 picture modes contribute to the overall picture quality and ease of calibration. It has an LG Motion Clarity Index of 120, which is equal to a native 60Hz refresh rate that may not seem to be a lot in this day and age and you may experience a bit of motion blur, but this being a smaller screen- a 32 inch TV, this will be a lot harder to notice and quite frankly it does well in terms of action motion clarity. This is an LG brand TV so unlike Samsung or some no name TV’s, it does offer better larger viewing angles despite being a budget model and bear in mind that this doesn’t have an IPS panel like the more expensive LG televisions. And although this is a lite Smart TV without a super processing power, you’ll find a good choice of good content providers, but the free games and apps aren’t great.

On the LG 32LB5800, Smart TV is there for basic tasks such as streaming video and no complex navigation, the user sees just what they need or want to see: Premium VOD- Video On Demand services including Pandora, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Instant Video and NetFlix. Performance rather than a variety of things or smart functions you can see on a WebOS platform and this one performs well. The buffering problem will depend on how good your internet connection is and by not having the extras you will not use, you are saving a bit of money.  The 20 Watt 2 Channel speakers being located at the bottom back adds a bit of depth but considering in most cases there won’t be a sound bar or home theater system, this is worth it for an above average sound quality. This is a great TV overall for money, with only small flaws such as lack of Bluetooth capability you may not consider as flaws at this price range. Both the picture wizard with 8 modes and the smart TV features are very easy to use, great especially for those that are not tech savvy. And it is fair to say that LG is one of the best brands for televisions.

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