Lenovo C40-05 21.5 inch All-in-One Desktop (F0B5000HU) Black Review

21.5″ Lenovo C40-05 AIO Desktop via Amazon

Lenovo C40-05 21.5 inch All in One Desktop

Black Lenovo C40-05 (F0B5000GU) is an affordable 21.5 inch All-in-One desktop computer with a space saving design, a 2014 release AMD A4 processor for a great home entertainment and multimedia experience on its Full HD screen to handle your day-to-day stuff like checking emails, using social media, doing your school work, playing movies and a bit more. It is good for being used by the whole family and has a beautiful and convenient design so you can easily put it somewhere visible in your living room.

Lenovo C40-05 has the April 2014 release quad core entry level AMD A4-6210 processor (2MB L2 Cache) at 1.8 GHz fixed speed and no hyper threading as it already has four cores for providing decent processing performance for your daily workload or multimedia, 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM as just the sufficient amount of memory to multitask, 500 GB Serial ATA hard drive at faster than normal 7200 rpm spindle speed and Windows 8.1 operating system that is soon to be replaced for free by Windows 10 if you’re not a big fan. For what this AIO desktop is designed to be, both the size of memory and hard drive would be more than enough for a regular PC user and with the sliding back cover upgrading them by the user is very easy.

21.5 inch Full HD LED-backlit display with 1920×1080 pixel max screen resolution offers brilliantly sharp and crisp visuals and the built-in AMD Radeon R3 graphics card helps with the ideal viewing and multimedia experience, including basic photo and video editing and light gaming and you’ll hear immersive and full sound through the front facing stereo speakers and Dolby Advanced Audio. Performance of Radeon R3 is more or less equal to Intel HD 4000 or somewhere between the discrete graphics cards Radeon HD 8250 and Radeon HD 8400 with this processor, so you can play the older titles like FIFA fluently at low to medium settings and probably none of the latest ones even at the low settings. Webcam is HD quality at 720p resolution and is suitable for chatting on Skype or video conferencing.

Lenovo C40-05 AIO 21.5 inch Desktop PCModern and slim with space saving design Lenovo C40-05 helps you avoid clutter on your desk, it weighs only 12.2 pounds with the measurements of 20.87 x 2.01 x 14.23 inches- it is lightweight and portable for a 21.5 inch screen All in One desktop. You also get a basic Lenovo AccuType keyboard with ergonomic island style keys and numeric pad for efficient data entry and a mouse- both wired and you can of course choose wireless with a bit of extra payment. Connectivity options are quicker 802.11ac wireless with better coverage, ethernet with RJ-45 connector, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 x USB 3.0 ports with up to ten times faster transfer of data, 3 x USB 2.0 ports, DVDRW Optical Drive on the right hand side, an HDMI port to connect with another external display, 6-in-1 Media Card Reader to transfer multimedia to and from other devices like digital cameras.

Conclusion: Thin and stylish Lenovo C40-05 F0B5000GU is an entry level low cost AIO desktop PC with great features and optimal performance for work and home- although it is designed as a great value home computer there is no reason you can’t use it at the office, as long as your work doesn’t involve heavy graphics editing or similar tasks as neither the CPU nor the integrated Radeon R3 graphics would be ideal, but it is perfect for general word processing, working on spreadsheets, web browsing, video streaming and lighter gaming. It doesn’t have a touch display but it is great quality Full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixel sharp resolution and the quality of sound is rather satisfactory. All in One desktops don’t usually come very cheaply as you’re also paying for the clutter-free space saving design whether you want to put it on your kitchen counter or on a table or desk in your living room, with everything packed into the slim screen but this one appears to be good value as a desktop and not just as an All in One. We like that the wireless connection is not just 802.11bgn but the faster 802.11ac and the hard drive has the 7200rpm rotating speed- even the entry models of Apple iMac AIO desktops have 5400rpm speed so for the price there is not much bad to be said about this computer and with the Windows 8.1 pre-installed you can start using it straight away.

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