Klipsch SW112 2PACK Subwoofer- 300 W RMS Bundle

Klipsch SW112 2PACK Subwoofer- 300 W RMS Bundle  

Klipsch SW-112 Subwoofer System

Klipsch SW1122PACK is a bundle of two 12-inch black matte finish Klipsch SW-112 subwoofers with 300 watts continuous power, that offers great bass to fill any room and that you will feel in your chest. It will use less energy than normal to generate more output, thanks to its very efficient design.

It will improve the sound quality you get from any speaker, with the Bash Digital Hybrid amplifier and the non-resonant woven fiberglass driver. There is zero noise from the subwoofers- you will not hear any port noise like you may with some other models. And you will notice immediately how good the bass extension is. It works very well for great quality music and works even better as a home theater subwoofer and will make you watch more movies.

It offers more than adequate volume and will balance your surround sound system very well. Only one subwoofer achieves these results and by having the two in this bundle you’ll experience even deeper bass, hits the deep notes, hear the low ends clearly and even more amazing sound quality- loud, crisp and clear that will cover the room better. And it brings a very subtle warmth to the sound of music. These subwoofers have a very sturdy construction but they are about 19-20 inches deep so you may want to measure the corners or the place you will put them in your room.

Klipsch SW-112 Subwoofer System - 300 W

The exact measurements of each unit are 16 x 14.5 x 19 inches, they are a bit heavy but look good and will be fine with any decor. They are very easy to set up and all pretty straightforward and common sense without any guess work. If you’re familiar with the previous Klipsch RW-12 model subwoofer, the SW1112 replaces it. It is easy to operate and you can simply set it to automatic power on and off. And it switches on and off smoothly and quietly. You can use it for listening to music, watching videos and TV and playing games. It offers great flexibility by letting you use it wirelessly.

Like with any subwoofer it may be a little challenging to get to the optimal balance between epic bass response in videos, but it is fine when you play a little with it. There are no choke points and it offers a great clear base no matter what. You will see a small green LED light at the top right of the subwoofer and this switches the unit off after ten minutes of no signal or inactivity. It seems to offer a better bass response at the lower hertz than it does with the high tone bass response. There are better quality subwoofers on the market but in terms of value for money, this Klipsch model is hard to beat as it costs a fraction of the price of some of the other models.

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