HAUXIY Q9S Wireless CarPlay Touchscreen with 2.5K Dash Cam Review

HAUXIY Q9S Wireless CarPlay Touchscreen with 2.5K Dash Cam

HAUXIY Wireless Carplay Touchscreen with 2.5K Dash Cam, 9Portable Apple Carplay & Android

Regarding safety features and in-car entertainment, the HAUXIY Q9S is a strong contender. This device claims to change how you drive with its 9-inch touchscreen, wireless CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, 2.5K dashcam, and a host of cutting-edge technologies. In this product review, we’ll examine the device’s design, functionality, installation procedure, and user experiences from those who have already adopted this ground-breaking technology.

Design and Features:

Offering a sleek 9-inch touchscreen display with a resolution comparable to contemporary car head units, the HAUXIY Q9S is an all-in-one solution. The device works with a variety of cell phones because it supports both CarPlay and Android Auto. Adding a 1080P waterproof backup camera and a 2.5K front camera improves safety when parking and driving.

One particularly noteworthy feature is the voice control capability, which lets users use Google Assistant or Siri to perform a variety of tasks hands-free. The device integrates seamlessly with your smartphone thanks to support for phone mirror links on both iOS and Android.

The Q9S also has a collision sensor (G-sensor) that locks accident video to avoid overwriting while loop recording is in progress. When a car is parked, the parking monitor function detects even the slightest vibrations and automatically starts recording video.

Installation and Compatibility:

One of the Q9S’s major selling points is its ease of installation. The plug-and-play design allows direct connection to the dashboard via the cigarette lighter, eliminating the need to disassemble the car’s console. This ensures a perfect coexistence with the original car radio, making it suitable for various motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, buses, and pickups.

Two distinct mounting bracket types are included in the kit, offering versatility for various dashboard configurations. Customers can select between a suction cup style that can be placed on the window or dash or a flat base that can be securely attached to flat dashes. Both mounting methods’ strong adhesives guarantee stability without leaving any trace.

User Feedback:

The Q9S has been praised by users for being an excellent in-car entertainment and safety system. They have highlighted its amazing features and affordable price. The gadget has received special recognition for its ease of use, clear 9-inch touchscreen, responsive touch, and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, all of which enhance the smoothness of the driving experience. More praise has been received for the addition of a rear-facing camera and two mounting choices, which give customers more freedom and improved safety features. Even with a few minor connectivity problems, wireless CarPlay’s small size and removal of untidy wires have been considered benefits.

Users have praised the Q9S’s all-in-one features, which include a bright and clear display, smooth communication with Android Auto, and snappy touch controls, highlighting it as a fantastic complement to any car. The gadget’s attractiveness has been increased by its novel features, like an integrated dashcam, simplicity of setup, and possible endurance. Users have praised the Q9S despite pointing out a few small issues, like the FM transmitter’s difficulties and the screen’s brightness at night. This is especially true for individuals looking for an upgrade without having to manage several devices. It’s a really good option because of its easy setup, few wires, and large 9-inch display, especially for older vehicles lacking integrated WiFi and Android Auto.


The remarkable features, user-friendly design, and affordable price of the HAUXIY Q9S Wireless CarPlay Touchscreen with 2.5K Dash Cam have won it some praise. It is a multipurpose device that is a great option for people wishing to improve their in-car entertainment and safety systems because it integrates seamlessly with smartphones, has superior safety features, and is simple to install. The Q9S has been a #1 Best Seller in Car In-Dash DVD Players & Video Receivers on Amazon thanks to rave reviews that highlight its snappy touchscreen, many functions, and ease of use.

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