Frisby FS-4090ST Karaoke Machine PA Stereo Tower System Review

Frisby FS-4090ST Karaoke Machine PA Stereo Tower System

Frisby FS-4090ST Karaoke Machine PA

Frisby FS-4090ST is a hot new release karaoke machine that first appeared on Amazon in December 2016, that is suitable for family and larger gatherings and parties at home, clubs or bars, outdoors or indoors. It is an All-in-One music center with Public Adress- PA stereo speakers and as part of a tower system with Eiffel Tower DJ lights, dual wireless microphones, a remote control and connectivity options like Bluetooth, SD Media Card Reader, USB port, and Aux inputs. Bluetooth is good for streaming music from your computer, tablet and smartphone of any brands including Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Amazon and more and any device with Bluetooth functionality wirelessly. You can turn the volume up and down and adjust the Bass, Echo, and Treble for much better quality sound. It lets you play the music straight from your phone, computer or other sources and you can actually change the songs easily with the remote control. You can just walk around the room and easily change the track without being anywhere near the karaoke system.

Frisby FS-4090ST Karaoke Machine PA Control Panel

Black Frisby FS-4090ST comes in two boxes that weigh 33 pounds and 43 pounds, measures 14.5 x 13.5 x 41.5 inches and in the box, you will get the FS-4090ST system of 10-inch subwoofer speakers, two wireless microphones, an RCA to RCA cable, a remote control, a Raw audio wire and a User Manual. The DJ Lighting will give you a great feel of a dance floor while pulsing and flashing to the songs as it changes an ordinary room into a dance club. Both microphones with the integrated media slots have separate volume controls and include SD, AUX audio (regular 1/4 inch) that you can use to connect with wired microphones and a Guitar input and USB inputs. The 10-inch x 4 Bass subwoofer speakers are very powerful with 200 watts RMS (95dB+/-3dB of Sensitivity and 18Hz-20KHz frequency response) they seem to be much better than competitor karaoke machine speakers at this price level. It means you can play or listen to your music as loud as you wish through the powerful output unit. It has quite a unique and contemporary but rugged design and is covered with a Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap that makes the karaoke system look even more beautiful. The transmission range for the two wireless microphones is up to 155 feet or 47 meters. Good value for money!

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