eufy Security Video Doorbell S330 Bundle with HomeBase S380 Review

eufy Security Video Doorbell S330 Bundle with HomeBase S380

eufy Security Video Doorbell S330, Battery-Powered, Dual Camera

The eufy Security Video Doorbell S330 Bundle is loaded with cutting edge technologies like Dual Cam Technology, 2K HD quality with HDR, Dual Motion Detection, and the innovative design HomeBase S380, and it offers a great way to handle home security. We will examine each bundle component, its features, and its overall performance in this product review.

Dual Cam Technology:

With Dual Cam Technology, the eufy Security Video Doorbell S330 overcomes an important drawback of regular cameras: blind areas. By removing these blind zones, a low-angle camera gives you a complete view of your entryway. This function is quite helpful in improving your home’s overall security coverage.

Dual Motion Detection:

One of the standout features of the S330 is its advanced Dual Motion Detection system. By combining Passive Infrared (PIR) and radar motion sensors, the device can distinguish between near and far subjects, significantly reducing false alarms. This intelligent motion detection technology ensures that you are only alerted when there is a genuine cause for concern.

2K HD Resolution with HDR:

High Dynamic Range (HDR) 2K HD resolution is available on the S330. This guarantees accurate identification of guests even in dimly lit environments. Even when the subject is illuminated by the sun, precise color reproduction and clarity are made possible by HDR technology. This is an essential component for trustworthy monitoring and identification.

Expandable Local Storage, No Monthly Fee:

The eufy Security System‘s dedication to providing user-friendly storage options is one of its greatest advantages. Users can store recordings for free thanks to the 16GB of built-in storage and the massive 16TB of local expansion capacity. This is a welcome change from cloud storage-based systems that require monthly subscription costs.

HomeBase S380 (HomeBase 3):

The hub of the whole security system is the eufy Security HomeBase S380, sometimes referred to as HomeBase 3. Its main purpose is to give local expandable storage—which can accommodate up to 16 TB—capabilities. The security system is empowered by BionicMind technology, which provides auto-categorized security reports, 99.9% accuracy in self-learning AI, and facial recognition.

Your data is secure and private since AES-128 + RSA-1024 encryption is used, granting access to only authorized individuals. An additional layer of deterrence is added by the motion-triggered alarm, which has an incorporated 100 dB alert sound to keep unwanted visitors away.

Unified Security with BionicMind:

With its BionicMind technology, the eufy Security system effortlessly combines all of its devices through the eufy Security app. This connection boosts the system’s overall effectiveness by giving consumers a comprehensive security solution. It’s a future-proof investment because it works with the majority of eufy Security devices and promises to work with all devices before Q1 2023.


It has an impressive average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 18 users on Amazon. One of the happy customers who switched from a well-known competition noted how responsive the system was and particularly appreciated how well the doorbell’s dual camera monitored deliveries.

When combined with the HomeBase S380, the eufy Security Video Doorbell S330 Bundle provides an extensive and cutting-edge home security system. It sets itself apart in a crowded market with features like Dual Cam Technology, Dual Motion Detection, 2K HD with HDR, and expandable local storage. The system is further improved with BionicMind technology, which offers strong encryption, self-learning AI, and facial recognition for increased security. All things considered, the eufy Security Video Doorbell S330 Bundle is a wise purchase for anyone looking for a reliable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use home security system.

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