COZOY Astrapi Mini DAC Amplifier 24bit/192khz Review

COZOY Astrapi Mini DAC Amplifier via Amazon

COZOY Astrapi Mini DAC Amplifier 24bit:192khz

COZOY Astrapi Mini DAC is a digital to analog converter and amplifier with a hi-resolution of 24bit-96khz 192khz for Android, iOS, PC system tablets, audio players or any portable units with the purpose of offering greatly enhanced quality of sound and really seems to do a great job at that by taking the digital sound data stream from your preferred device and converting it into the best sound possible- processing and amplifying with a high grade headphone amplifier and proprietary digital sound processing and will work with any sound formats used in different portable units.

Quality on such devices made by Ch-Fi manufacturers weren’t so great in the past but things seem to have changed- so good now that they can easily compete with the very expensive fancy devices and in the case of this compact or more like tiny (52mm x 16mm x 6mm) Cozoy Astrapi Mini DAC– external DAC and mini amplifier chi-fi seems to be done just right and do not be misled by its size and weight because it seems to perform well beyond it. Sound is greatly enhanced, works without problems on PC laptop, Android devices, iPhone 5 and 6, iPod touch and iPod mini and the instructions you will find on the Cozoy website and manual are written in proper English, unlike many China Hong Kong products. In the case of iPhone the technical sound specs are already great and when you add the capabilities of this high-res portable Cozoy Astrapi the results are simply outstanding. Conversion technology used in Astrapi and the digital signal processing along with the special cable used with an Apple chip that offers special programming to the Astrapi..

COZOY Astrapi Mini DAC AmplifierSuperior sound quality, power, design and ergonomics, compact size- small footprint and lightweight (8 grams), premium looks with laser etched lines on the machined aluminium shell, genuine components from Apple affiliates, great quality cables, less battery consumption (works with the host device’s power), ease of use (simple plug and play), no EMI and almost no heat production and the low price point define this great little gadget. As minor cons we can point out the lack of USB 3.0 support, the inability to answer a call when you’re using it with a mobile phone and with Windows 7 and 8.1 when your computer restarts it doesn’t seem to recognise Astrapi so you simply unplug it and plug it back in and these small quirks will probably be fixed by future update- as you can imagine nothing is perfect. Most people like simple, compact and attractive gadgets and the Cozoy Astrapi is certainly quite smart and beautiful to look at. It will come in handy if you especially have a portable device without great sound, you will notice how much this one enhances the quality. It comes in a very much Apple looking box that is white with subtle silver writing, you’ll find the COZOY Astrapi, PC cable, Android cable and iOS cable in the box and is offered with a 1 year warranty by Cozoy if you come across any issues within this period.

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