Cheesea Triple Air Horn Kit 4 Trumpets, AM-2017-2-10 Review

Cheesea Triple Air Horn Kit 4 Trumpets, AM-2017-2-10

Cheesea Triple Air Horn Kit 4 Trumpets

Cheesea AM-2017-2-10 is the latest release and hundred percent brand new triple air horn kit with four trumpets and a 100 PSI max pressure 12V compressor for use in cars, trucks, trains, boats or RVs.

This is a very loud horn and the three of these very solid trumpets can generate sound up to 125 decibels so it will blare out a very powerful and loud warning when needed. And you will catch everyone’s attention without any exceptions.

The black and silver Chesea Horn Kit in the stainless steel housing has a nice and premium look and feel with the chrome plated metal and will look great on any vehicle it is mounted. The polished compressor tank measures 14.4 x 5.5 inches (length and diameter) and the trumpet part is 14.4 x 6.6 inches (length and width). The bright polished finish is not likely to rust in the future. It shall fit in pretty much any vehicle easily, but generates a very strong sound despite the relatively compact size.

Cheesea Triple Air Horn Kit

It draws 23A maximum amperage and the working current is 18 amperes. It has a permanent magnetic motor with a maximum pressure of 100PSI and a maximum air flow of 40L per minute. In the box, you will get just the compressor and the trumpet as well as the set-up accessories you will need. It is quite easy and straightforward to install.

The color may be a little different to what you see in the photos but the design is exactly the same. It will help enhance the safety of you and other people in the vehicle. This is a great horn kit for how much it costs and delivers up to 120 to 125 decibels of decent sound in practice too. But if you need to get more powerful sound, you will need to pay much more than what this kit costs. The set includes the four trumpets, hose, relay and the simple mounting hardware.

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