Celluon PicoPro CEL-Pico2-B Projector (Black) Review

Celluon PicoPro Laser HD Projector via Amazon

Celluon PicoPro CEL-Pico2-B (Black)

Celluon PicoPro CEL-Pico2-B is the new laser-driven compact- pocket size battery powered projector that is both small and powerful: It is the world’s first laser high definition pico projector that offers you the big screen experience anytime anywhere. You probably know what a pico projector is, they are handheld projectors that work with other portable devices like tablets, smart phones and cameras, they are so small that they fit in briefcase, backpack or pocket as the name ‘pico’ suggests but this is nothing like the previous or other current pico projectors that offer more or less disappointing results. It was announced at CES 2015 event by Celluon- a South Korean company that is well-known for their laser keyboards, and first appeared on Amazon.com in April 2015.

Black Celluon PicoPro looks stylish and modern, weighs 6.7 ounces and measures 6 x 3 x .5 inches so it is rather slim and light in weight and fits in your pocket very comfortably- it is actually similar size with the iPhone 6 Plus in both width and length but 0.22 inch thicker. It is made up of two parts, the larger left part is the main projector unit and the smaller second part has the ports- headphone, HDMI and micro-USB for charging. Picture is quite sharp, detailed and bright (not as bright as a HDTV) with no flickering (as long as you don’t move it around), great color reproduction, super vibrant colors at infinite focus for such a small gadget, with the 1920 x 720p resolution, 16.7 million colors, 80,000 to 1 contrast ratio (versus 2,000 to 1 on other pico projectors), 1:1.3 throw ratio and HDTV standard 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio and it gives you great quality big screen cinema experience at your fingertips and you can see and share your images and videos wherever and in image size of more than 200 inches in optimal lighting free from the screen of your mobile device but it doesn’t give you the options to adjust the picture details, contrast and color.

It is offered with the great laser display engine technology and is powered by blue, green and red lasers and not LED-based like other pico projectors (lasers are generally known to last for fifteen to twenty thousand hours).You will be able to read your content/text on any color or texture surface even in a bright room or in daylight but you will probably have the best experience on a reflective screen in slight darkness. Infinite focus feature means the lasers help project the picture and you never need to focus the unit and don’t worry about the quality of the focusing as it will be equally sharp when it is very close to the wall or ten feet away. It is super easy to use with just five buttons of wireless or HDMI selection, volume up and volume down and power. You can connect it to any electronics device, has a battery life of more than 3 hours for wired connection through MHL/HDMI to any mobile device (it comes with an HDMI-to-MHL Mobile High Definition Link cable) you have and 2 hours for wireless connection before having to recharge.

Black Celluon PicoPro CEL-Pico2-B

Wireless works when you press wireless mode button to connect wirelessly to most Android Miracast enabled devices but does not support AirPlay for iOS if you wish to use the PicoPro with your Apple mobile devices and to be able to connect to your iOS devices you will need a digital AV adapter to connect to HDMI cable. Sound is offered by either the external or 1 watt internal speaker (which is naturally not very loud) and works near silently as it doesn’t have any internal fans and no moving parts and stays cool during operation so you will not need to raise your voice to the audience to be heard properly over a projector fan noise and when you think about the cost of large projectors’ bulbs that may burn out (often a few hundred dollars), this is an awesome small presentation tool to have and is a great candidate to turn your living room wall into a very large movie screen of at least 100 inches (up to 250 inches as claimed by Celluon) but as a pico projector it is designed more for presentations that you will give on-the-go rather than home entertainment but you can watch a whole movie and more before having to recharge it. In the box you will find a little nylon carrying pouch as well as a holding mount, a USB cable and a wall charger. In short, it is a truly impressive small device that performs as well as many other very expensive large projectors and with only very small cons.

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