Ankuka Karaoke Machine, Portable Wireless Bluetooth PA Speaker System Review

Ankuka Karaoke Machine, Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System

Ankuka Portable Karaoke Machine

Multi-color Ankuka Portable Karaoke Machine is a deluxe multifunctional sound system that includes a wireless Bluetooth PA Speaker System with the USB disco lights, an adjustable microphone stand and two microphones. It is designed for use by both kids and adults, people of all ages.

The built-in Bluetooth (Ankuka) ensures audio streaming wirelessly and offers 4 optional modes of Line, FM Radio, USB and Bluetooth. It can be used as an FM radio, PA system, music player, guitar amplifier and a karaoke machine at your parties, gatherings, speech, indoor and outdoor activities and karaoke. You have the portable USB disco lights with the 13 feet cable as part of the wireless sound system. And you can put the lights wherever you wish and you will achieve different patterns and colors for a great fun atmosphere at your party.

You can get complete surround sound with the Echo effect that you can use to mix the microphone and speaker sound with the music. With the master equalizer you can control the Echo, Bass and Treble for the exclusive beats as part of the advanced audio effect control and your own sound mixer like a true DJ. It comes with a powerful integrated rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 hours when you play the music non-stop at the highest volume. This makes the Ankuka Karaoke Machine more suitable for outdoor recreation, advertisement and singing. And it will keep working when charging this 12V/4.5A lead-acid battery.

You can connect this system to your tablet, iPhone or Android smartphone or iPod via Bluetooth and sing to the YouTube Karaoke videos or the music of your choice. You can also play the music through the TF card or the USB port. It is as simple as turning on the Bluetooth on your phone and the karaoke machine, pressing Mode and selecting the Bluetooth connection and choosing Ankuka on your phone’s Bluetooth. You can sing on your own or as a duet with the two microphones provided. The remote control has the usual Play, Pause, Fast Forward Fast Backward and more. It has the recording function and you change the mode to recording mode and press the REC for 3 seconds and start recording your song.

Ankuka Karaoke Sound System 4 Modes

The system doesn’t come with any karaoke music and you can play the music on your tablet, computer or smartphone connecting via Bluetooth. You need 2 AA batteries for each microphone that are not included with your purchase. The speaker is wireless and doesn’t need to be plugged into a power outlet. You can sing with the microphone while Bluetooth is being used. You can hook it up to your TV via an audio line or Bluetooth and read the lyrics on your TV screen if you play the song on TV, not on your other devices.

It weighs 29.4 pounds and measures 14.6 x 13 x 21.3 inches. The trolley handle and the wheels make this Ankuka Karaoke System portable for you to take it wherever you want as you can just pull it like a suitcase. In the box you’ll also get an adjustable microphone stand for 2 microphones, 2 wireless microphones, remote control, USB Disco lights, dust cover and a user manual. The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars by 24 users, indicating a great deal of satisfaction. It comes with one year warranty as well as great customer support available 24 hours 7 days a week. Currently you do not need a license to run a wireless microphone system like this Ankuka. But you are subject to certain restrictions, like operating at a low power level of less than 50 milliwatts and not causing any harmful interference to other systems. Please note that there is also no protection on this system from the intruders.

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