Zmodo ZP-KE1T04-S-1TB Security Camera System- 4CH 720P PoE NVR HD Review

Zmodo ZP-KE1T04-S-1TB Security Camera via Amazon

zmodo 4ch 720p poe nvr security camera

Zmodo ZP-KE1T04-S-1TB is an advanced 720p resolution NVR high definition security camera system with 4 outdoor and indoor night vision cameras with weatherproof housing and giving you remote control from your smart phone or tablet wherever you may be- anywhere anytime with a quick scan of the code as long as you’re comfy with scanning the code- it doesn’t take majority of people more than a couple of minutes to start viewing their cams on their smart devices.

Zmodo weighs 8.6 lbs, comes with a 1TB Serial ATA hard drive, H.264 Video Compression, 3 Axis Mounting Bracket, 4 channel IP camera inputs and 1 channel VGA output, 2 x USB 2.0 interfaces, 100fps Real-time recording rate, IR-Cut Switch for super clear viewing during the day and night and each camera with 24 premium IR LEDS (but clearer image during the day) and Motion Detection alerting you via email. 2.8mm Wide Angle Lens means being able to observe larger areas giving you more coverage without having to use many cams. Zsight App allows you to save and replay on Android devices and MobiView on iOS- Apple and the MeShare web client allows you to view your cam remotely online, through

zmodo zp-ke1t04-s-1tb security camera

720p (1280 x 720 pixels) HD means more detailed, sharper, clearer and larger image than normal- three times bigger than the regular cameras with a top resolution of 960×480 pixels and each one of the 4 cameras deliver that quality of image. There is only a single network cable to use for both power and the video signal- from each cam to the Network Video Recorder- NVR- so you get power from the ethernet cable sPoE which stands for Simplified Power Over Ethernet and no additional cables will be needed, all you do is plug one of them in for a single cam and you’re ready to get started.

Zmodo Security Camera installation is quick and easy and you don’t even need to know much about networks or computers but you won’t find detailed instructions in the manual and you may want to reboot it- pressing the button for at least 15 seconds or so after the cameras are mounted. It comes with 2 x 80ft and 2 x 50ft cables and you can use a cable with a length as much as 165 ft. It has 4 different recording modes: Motion Detect, Alarm Triggered, Time Scheduled and Manual. You can rewind, fast forward and slow play from its 1TB HDD SATA drive. By default it will overwrite the oldest recording when the hard drive is full but you can change to not to do that through the settings. You can connect it to your television as long as your TV has a VGA output, but not through remote viewing.

The image quality is super high (and better during the day) for a security camera system at this price level. It comes with just 4 cameras and this may look as not many but thanks to the 2.8mm wide angle lens you get much wider coverage. You get good customer support in USA to help you with things like internet configuration or any technical problems you may have. The performance, size of storage- hard drive, picture quality, the convenience of using a single ethernet cable from the NVR to camera and build quality are very high for the low price.

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