Zmodo Pivot – 360° Rotating Camera and Smart Home Hub Review

Zmodo Pivot – 360° Rotating Camera and Smart Home Hub 

Zmodo Pivot - 360 degree Rotating Camera and Smart Home Hub

Zmodo Pivot is an all in one security camera that acts as a robotic centralised security hub for monitoring your home 24 hours 7 days a week wherever you are in the world, with a Full HD 1080p resolution 2.1mm lens full colour camera for sharp and clear picture, 135 degree angle view, 4x digital zoom, two sensors (door and window) to let you know when something is open, a 360 degree rotation and motion detection to sense any movement in the room which rotates the camera 360 degrees and captures high quality and very clear image as a total home monitoring solution. You can control the device through your smart phone- reconfigure settings and alerts, rotate the cam or view live image, save the footage on its 16GB integrated storage (around 14GB in practice but still quite a lot of footage- around two days worth) which you don’t have to pay for or on Cloud for access anywhere and more protection but no information on Cloud storage or the cost just yet, only thing we know is it will let you make clips and share or save them.

It has the infrared night vision that will turn on and off automatically for viewing up to 32 feet in the dark, the integrated humidity and temperature sensors and indicators to track the situation at home (with also past trends) and two-way audio that lets you communicate with people at home when you’re away or play songs via Bluetooth as it includes both the speaker and microphone. With the two wireless window and door sensors when the window or door they are used on are opened, Pivot will rotate immediately to that direction and capture it. For installation you will need the Zmodo application that works with Android 4.0 and up and iOS 7 and higher (iPhone, iPad and iPod) versions and you will be controlling the device or seeing the footage and what’s going on at home through this app and you can also use the web app available on which will ask you your email and password on the login page. App is fairly simple to use but may take a little practice and getting used to and with rotation you can do it to the left or right but it will get to a limit and stop and you need to rotate to the other way so it is not continuous with the app.

Zmodo Pivot - 360 degree Rotating Camera and Home Hub

Zmodo Pivot measures 75mm x 135mm- not very big so you can keep it in the center of the room and will blend nicely with the surroundings as it has a nice circular shape, will need a 2.4GHz wireless network with WPA/WPA2 encryption protected with password as it will function through your home WiFi. In the box you will get the Zmodo Pivot, two door and window sensors, a DC 5V power supply, micro USB and a small user manual. The reason it is called a hub and not just a security camera is because it allows hooking up other little devices like window and door sensors and other smart home products by Zmodo, including air quality, humidity and temperature sensors, smart lighting and smart doorbell. Pivot “Motion detection” is intelligent in the sense that it will send you less false alerts than other motion sensing units, alert you when there is a different and significant motion rather than the common motion in the room. It can be used in different homes by simply removing from your account first, then resetting it then setting it up in the new place as long as there is the right type of wireless connection there too. This is a great home monitoring device / hub with only minor flaws and is ranked higher than competitors by many customers online.

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