Yamaha BD-S681 Blu-ray Disc Player Review

Yamaha BD-S681 Blu-ray Disc Player


The Yamaha BD-S681 is a blu-ray disc player that comes with a variety of modern features, including the built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. There is also 4K Ultra HD video upscaling, so it is fully compatible with 4K televisions. This Blu-ray player supports a number of different disc formats as well as high-resolution audio reproduction. The rigid overall construction of this blu-ray player makes it incredibly stable and reliable.

Yamaha is definitely a major, trusted brand name when it comes to electronics, so you can trust that it is certainly not just another cheap knockoff. The high-quality circuitry that was used to build this player allows for audio precision. With Miracast compatibility as well as integrated wireless, those who purchase it will be able to connect wirelessly throughout their household with a router. If you don’t happen to have a Wi-Fi router in your home, the Wi-Fi Direct feature will allow you to stream music and movies directly from your mobile device. Reviews online by customers that own this Yamaha Blu-ray Player are positive even though the product hasn’t been on the market for a long time- it is a hot new release. One of the most common comments on it is that it is very easy to setup, and that it plays a variety of discs smoothly and without any issues whatsoever. The exceptional picture and audio quality is something else that many people who have purchased this product appreciate. 


Those who are in the process of trying to find the ideal blu-ray player out there will definitely want to pay close attention to this one. Although it is a little on the pricier side, this Yamaha is definitely one of the better models you will be able to find. With HDMI output, an AV controller app, and support for Wi-Fi among other modern features, it is no wonder why so many people have given this device positive overall reviews online. As a whole, the Yamaha BD-S681 Blu-ray Player can make for an excellent addition to any home theater setup. While its fairly high price tag might be a little intimidating for some, it is well worth it when you consider everything you get for the money you spend. With the ability to use this device to watch Netflix, stream videos off a mobile device, watch videos on YouTube and a number of other things, is a great investment to make. This Yamaha is head and shoulders above most others on the market at the moment.

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