Upstar P32EE7 32 inch 720p 60Hz LED TV Review

32-inch Upstar P32EE7 LED TV via Amazon

Upstar P32EE7 32 inch LED TV

Upstar P32EE7 is the September 2014 release 32 inch LED (direct lit) high definition TV with 720p resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio and 60Hz refresh rate and stands out primarily with its price (and performance to price ratio) in the market- so it is not a smart, Full HD or 3D TV but a regular LED TV that offers good picture and sound. Upstar brand was born in year 2011 by a Shenzhen China based company with their US headquarters in California but TV sets manufactured in China just like many other products around the world these days, they aim to offer high quality TVs or monitors with high performance and build quality at the lowest price possible.

Upstar P32EE7 has a simplistic design with a relatively slim profile and thin enough bezels, weighs 14 pounds, is 31.5 inches- measured diagonally from corner to corner, measures 29.1 x 17.8 x 2.7 inches without stand and 29.1 x 7.9 x 19.4 inches with stand so would be ideal for bedrooms, small living rooms or offices and will not be seem out of place wherever you put it. It has 3 x HDMI inputs, a USB, a VGA, Audio, Component, AV and RF inputs so connectivity options are quite impressive at such budget price level. Being a HDTV, it comes with 1366 x 768 resolution- so it is not a Full HD but quite frankly to notice the difference between FHD and HD resolutions you need at least 40 inches. It has the 7ms response time with the 60Hz refresh rate, dynamic contrast ratio is 1200:1 and brightness 250cd/m2 and offers 178 degree viewing angles horizontally and vertically.

Upstar 32-inch 720p LED TV

It is easy to set-up and use with the onscreen menu pretty brief, clear and comprehensive. Picture quality would be the most important factor for majority of customers when they’re buying a new TV and you probably don’t have high expectations with this Upstar set but it offers quite decent- sharp and clear visuals with proper crisp and vibrant colours with a good spectrum. Refresh rate is 60Hz and is acceptable at this level and you will be comfortable watching fast moving stuff like action movies and sports. So when you look at them from a low price point, both the image quality and the fast motion performance are more than adequate. Same goes for the sound performance, nothing very spectacular but better sound than even some of the more expensive TV’s on the market but of course you may be better off using a sound bar with it.

Upstart P32EE7 is certainly great value for money but we do not know how the durability would be or how long it would last but we didn’t come across any customers online reporting bad build quality with other Upstar models and mind you the quality and features are considerably better these days on these no name TV’s, at a level they can compete with Samsung, Sony or LG. Being a 32 inch TV, it can be put anywhere in the house and you have the 40 inch option that is a little more expensive but quite cheap for the size- great features and quality picture but that one is Full HD with 1080p resolution as you will need it on a larger screen and has a swivel base. They both come with standard remote with batteries. So both the 32 inch and the 40 inch Upstar models look great, offer very good picture quality and adequate sound for price, come with a great range of connectivity options and honestly you really can’t go wrong at these prices.

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