UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Ultimate Ears Crystal Edition 980-000935 Review

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker via Amazon

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Crystal Edition

UE BOOM is an awesome versatile, stain and water resistant 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker with a rechargeable battery that offers bold, rich, full, balanced and immersive sound in all directions and with the way it is designed you can easily connect it wirelessly to most of the Bluetooth enabled Android, Windows and Apple tablets, computers and smart phones and take it anywhere. You’ll find the UE BOOM, AC power adapter, micro USB cable, User Manual and Warranty in the box and UE stands for ‘Ultimate Ears’.

Ultimate Ears BOOM weighs 1.2 pounds and has the dimensions of 2.5 x 2.5 x 7.1 inches, looks beautiful in its portable water bottle shape with its colourful exterior that is acoustic and has a plasma coating that makes it both resistant to stains and water and a detachable rubber cover for protecting the USB and Aux ports. It is built to be very solid, robust and durable and won’t be affected even when you drop it on the floor or is covered in dirt or even if it rains on it (is water resistant). It has a D-ring so you can clip it to anything easily or you can choose to remove the D-ring to mount it on a tripod. It has a rechargeable non-removable lithium ion battery built into the unit that is claimed to last for up to 15 hours on a single charge (charges in 3-4 hours via the mini USB cord) and this will vary by settings, use and other factors, and you will be able to listen to music day and night. It has an auto shut-off feature to save on energy usage if you forget and you can check the battery level by pressing the volume plus and minus buttons simultaneously and you will hear a voice telling you remaining charge percentage.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Ultimate Ears Crystal Edition

For connectivity you have Bluetooth and 3.5mm stereo jack and the Bluetooth wireless range is 50 feet (you can control the volume, change songs or take calls within this range) and you can connect two UE Boom speakers in stereo wirelessly via the UE Boom app from one device for a louder sound which also offers an alarm feature if you want to be woken up or alerted. It has two passive radiators that help with deep and low bass and dual performance drivers lead to great balanced sound with vibrant highs (does not distort at high) and clear mids. It has a Bluetooth pairing button and you can share songs from different devices by pairing up to eight Bluetooth enabled units, take calls by using it as a very clear speakerphone too. It is ideal for both outdoors (poolside, beach, backyard or park) and indoors use and can fill a large living room or even a house easily even with a large crowd, being the clearest, crispest and loudest speaker of all the speakers at this level. When and if battery dies it can’t be replaced by the user (can be for free during warranty), is not a very cheap speaker and may be out of some customers’ budget but is still worth the money it costs: Surprisingly good sound, sturdy build, functionality, versatility, modern and stylish design and great features.

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