UBOX 8 Pro Max Unblock Tech Box Mini Pro 8 with Android 10.0 Review

UBOX 8 Pro Max Unblock Tech Box 2021 Pro 8 Mini

Unblock Tech Box 2021 Pro 8 4gb RAM

The 2021 model UBOX 8 Pro Max- Unblock Tech Box Pro 8 is a mini size TV box with a 1.5GHz ARM710 CPU, 64GB storage space, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM memory, Android 10.0 operating system, two USB ports and dual frequency wireless 5G 2G. It supports 6K HD maximum screen resolution for a much clearer picture quality.

You’ll get free gifts in the package, like the Restore TF card, official controller, multifunction socket and i8 air mouse. With the Smart Voice System it will respond quickly and search and open applications. It uses the latest Android 10.0 system and offers you a stable and compatible platform. The transmission is quite fast with the dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 5 and you can achieve the unlimited connection and you get stable signals. You have a long and stable transmission while consuming little energy.

White Unblock Tech Box weighs 1.4 pounds and measures 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.83 inches. The date it was first available is June 25, 2021 and is ranked the 28th best seller among the tower computers. There are no regional restrictions for use of the Unblock Tech Box. And once you pay for this box you will not need to pay for anything else and it is free forever. The smart voice control makes it easy to control this device. It has the mobile push wireless screen and will project the videos from tablets, computers and mobile phones easily on the big screen.

The WiFi Repeater expands the wireless range and increases the transmission rate and you can watch stable programs. The USB microphone is quite easy to use, the MX3 controlleris a smart remote with the Learning Mode and the VGA to HDMI lets you hook up yout techbox to the computer monitor. You have double the amount of memory and more storage space and you have the dual band wireless rather than single band. It is nice to have this Android 10.0 system with the high 6K resolution hardware decoding.

You can install more apps on the larger storage of this techbox and it also allows you to hook up an external storage. Everything will feel faster and more fluent, when you’re running games etc. The powerful decoding on this UBOX 8 Pro Max will feel like a video processor working in high speed as it can process a 4K UHDUnblock Tech Box 2021 Pro 8 4gb ram 64gb storage video (60 frames) in just a second. Both the picture and the sound of TV will feel better- more detailed and smooth overall. And you have a more immersive experience.

You can browse the internet much better as the bandwidth is maximised. With the normal TV you will only get the live broadcasting of a country and with this UBOX you can watch TV from different countries. You can download faster and get a much clearer picture and you have the option to look back seven days unlike on traditional TV’s. And you will not miss any programs you like. In the package you will find the Unblock TV Box, a BT AI controller, an HDMI cable, US socket power, a socket convert and a user manual. Overall it appears to be quite good value for the money.

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