Thorkitchen HWC2405U 40 Bottles 18″ Built-in Wine Cooler Review

Thor Kitchen HWC2405U 40 Bottles 18″ Wine Cooler

Thorkitchen HWC2405U 40 Bottles 18 Built-in Wine Cooler

Thor Kitchen HWC2405U is a 40-bottle capacity, stainless steel, single zone wine cooler with front ventilation. It can be used both as a built-in or freestanding unit as it has a beautiful design in stainless steel- silver and black.

This is a high-end product that looks and feels rather premium with the sliding wooden shelves and the seamless stainless steel door frame and a stylish handle. You have the double layer glass window with the enhanced UV protection to prevent the harmful effects of the ultraviolet lights.

There is a white LCD digital display that shows the temperature in Celcius and Fahrenheit (whatever you’re familiar with and prefer) and is easy to read. You have the touch buttons and you can adjust the temperature with the up and down buttons. On the right-hand side, you’ll find the Power button, Celcius/Fahrenheit selector and the Light button that is connected to the soft interior lighting.

Thor Kitchen HWC2405U is a sleek and modern appliance that is compact in size but has a heavy-duty build, weighs 92.5 pounds and measures 18 x 22.4 x 34.3 inches. It is quite a nice looking wine fridge with a powerful compressor, that works well and does the job as it should. It is not very large in size and does not have two separate zones for your white and red bottles.

But do you really need two zones? There is a common belief that white and red bottles should be stored at different temperatures. The truth is that the optimal temperature for the evolving and aging of all wine- red, white, sparkling and others is between 53 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit. The main reason for having two different zones on some models is the serving temperatures for red and white wines are different.

Thorkitchen Wine Cooler HWC2405U 40 Bottles 18 Built-in

And it may be convenient for you to keep your bottles at the serving temperatures. The capacity of 40 bottles is for regular Bordeaux sized bottles and shelves will be tight if you put in large or different shaped bottles. You can remove one of the shelves if it seems necessary and this way it will accommodate less than 40 bottles.

It is not a particularly noisy unit but you will hear a slight humming noise when the compressor is doing its cycles and when it is quiet in the room not when your TV or music is on. The fan-circulated compressor is powerful and works efficiently and it doesn’t seem to do these cycles very frequently.

This is not a low-cost wine fridge and we think that it is worth the price tag. But you’re making a little investment here and you want to pick the best one for your needs. So please have a look at the alternative models through the links on this page and have a read through the reviews as well. There is no assembly required and in the box, you will get the wine cooler and a user manual. Being a US stock product, it will be sent quickly through

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