TCL S3800 Series Roku Smart LED TV’s 32S3800, 40S3800 and 50S3800 Review

2015 Model TCL S3800 Roku Smart LED TV via Amazon

TCL S3800 series 32S3800 32-Inch 720p 60Hz Roku Smart LED TV

2015 model TCL S3800 series TV’s come in three sizes of 32” (32S3800), 40” (40S3800)  and 50” (50S3800). We’re reviewing the 32 inch model here but they all have the same features except for the size and resolution as the larger 40 and 50 inch models are 1080p Full HD whereas the 32 inch has the regular 720p HD but all are offered with 60Hz native refresh rate (CMI of 120), 16:9 image aspect ratio, 3500000:1 contrast ratio and they are full array LED-backlit ROKU TV streaming platform Smart TV’s. 32 inch TCL would be good for bedrooms or small living rooms and the larger models for the main living rooms of your house.

Black TCL 32S3800 weighs 10.4 pounds and measures 28.98 x 3.18 x 17 inches, looks stylish- has a thin frame and bezels and a four pedestal base and is wall mountable (VESA compliant). Sound quality is good through the dual speakers (as good as it can be on a HDTV), is an Energy Star certified TV with an estimated annual energy cost of $8 (64 kWh electricity use based on 5 hour per day use). Roku is one of the major streaming services in US and TCL is one of the top 3 TV manufacturers globally (also a major component manufacturer for other brands) that has been in business for more than thirty years if you are not familiar with the brand. Now they work together to create great Roku Smart TV’s with an easy to navigate interface without complex menus (just like on a smart phone as soon as you turn on the TV) and integrated wireless (you can easily connect to your home network but no Ethernet connection) at low cost.

It is a very easy to set up plug and play kind Smart TV and with Roku you have access to 2000+ streaming channels (hundreds are free) with all kinds of TV shows and movies and if you subscribed to Hulu Plus or Netflix you will not pay any extra fees. It has a free integrated tuner with ATSC, NTSC and QAM so you can simply connect the right antenna to watch over the air broadcasts. This is a full array LED-backlit 720p HD TV with 3500000:1 contrast ratio and 16:9 image aspect ratio that offers great picture quality and with a CMI of 120 or native 60Hz refresh rate motion blur is minimal or non-existent in any of the fast moving things. Connectivity options include a USB port, 3 HDMI inputs, RF port, Optical Audio Out, Headphone Jack and Composite as well as a detachable power cord and a compact but user-friendly remote with 2 AAA batteries without any of the confusing buttons.

TCL s3800 series 32S3800 60Hz Roku Smart LED TVIf you find that the buttons are making noise through TV when you press them, you can simply adjust the volume through settings. TCL S3800 has built-in wireless that you can connect to easily but no full web browser. You may be hesitant about the 720p resolution on the 32 inch TV rather than the 1080p but quite frankly to tell the difference between HD and FHD you need to have a 40 inch screen and above- sharpness and clarity on this one is as good as Full HD- this is a low cost TV with image quality better than many of the more expensive models. Most of the customers agree on the high quality of picture, ease of set-up, navigation of Roku interface and simple operation of the system- TV will walk you through the whole thing after you plug it in and turn it on the first time. Please note that at the moment built-in Roku is only available on the new TCL (and HiSense) HDTV’s and not on Samsung, LG or Sony’s and you don’t have to stick with only Roku streaming services either and still hook up other cable boxes and Blu-ray players.

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