TCL 40FS4610R 40 inch 1080p Smart LED TV (Roku TV) Review

TCL 40FS4610R 40 inch 1080p Smart LED TV via Amazon

TCL 40FS4610R 40 inch ROKU TV

TCL 40FS4610R is a brand new 40 inch 1080p resolution smart full array edge-lit LED TV- TCL is one of America’s best selling television brands and ROKU is probably the best operating system, better than Apple TV, Chromecast and all the others out there, so these two are coming together in this TV, offering the simplest way to stream lots of entertainment on your TV and it all starts on your personalised home screen, allowing you to quickly find all the entertainment from one place. This is actually one of the first ROKU TVs available- integrated ROKU streaming services directly into the screen itself without the box, and it is available in different sizes. The TCL 40FS4610R weighs 22 pounds and has the measurements of 36.5 x 7 x 23 inches.

Overall it looks relatively standard for a LED television- looking a lot like the latest Vizio’s, with a very thin bezel, the bottom edge is a little different with slight chrome strip and a lovely glass stand base that gives it that better look than some of the TVs on the market. When you turn on this television, it is like you are turning on a ROKU box, it even has the standard ROKU home page which we really like- a very simple layout made up of grid of tiles. It allows you to select from live TV to game console or well over 1500 streaming channels- which happens to be the largest selection of any smart TV. And this one hardly has any difference to a regular ROKU box, except for lack of a couple of extra tiles at the top. In terms of connectivity at the rear, you will find 3 x HDMI ports, a USB 2.0 port as well as an RF and standard analog input and you will not find an Ethernet port and a nice ROKU feature missing on this TV is you will not find a headphone jack on the remote.


You can search and find your favourite movie or TV show, searching conveniently across top streaming channels by title, actor or director with acclaimed ROKU search, with more than 200,000 streaming movies and TV episodes to choose from. When you plug something into this TCL TV through one of the ports provided, it asks you what it is- whether it is a Play Station or Cable Box etc. and instead of naming it HDMI 1, it tells you what it is and like other apps including Netflix and Amazon Instant, you can move these around and rename them. The remote is quite simple- looks like ROKU box remotes and no numeric keypads or any other extra buttons you will see on TV remotes and gives you total control, letting you jump instantly to your favourite streaming channels. You may also use the ROKU mobile app on your tablet or smart phone to control your TV.

You can even stream your personal media- music, photos, videos onto the big screen with an app, something that ROKU hasn’t done well in the past, or just plug a USB stick into this TV and view your multimedia files that way. The interface is quite simple and appears to be pretty standard ROKU giving you access to about 1700 apps- which is a lot more than any other app store offers- you will find a great selection of apps including some of the very best HBO Go which is not available on any other Smart TV apart from Samsung, as well as Youtube, Netflix and others. As a drawback, this TCL doesn’t offer many picture settings like competition and doesn’t give that many options to control the picture quality and colour and what you get is satisfactory level picture quality (lighter black levels and somewhat inaccurate colour) and standard video processing.

You’re getting the ROKU experience built right into your TV without the box and with exactly the same features and it is offered at a rather low price- much less expensive than any other smart TV. A very comprehensive, smooth and simple smart TV experience with a very user friendly simple interface and remote and offers amazing value for dollar despite not having the best picture quality. Viziers E Series is the other cheapest smart TVs and they don’t offer anything like what you’ll find on this TV- interface and apps.

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