Spire Breathing Activity Sensor SP1 Review

Spire Breathing Activity Sensor for Healthy Mind and Body via Amazon

Spire Breathing Activity Sensor for Healthy Mind and Body

Spire SP1 is an innovative breathing activity sensor that works a bit like fitness trackers but is more about measuring your breathing and your state of mind outside the fitness activity and throughout the day offering you feedback to help you become calmer and more focused. There is no doubt fitness is an important part of a healthy human life and the activity trackers have been selling quite well lately but they measure your steps etc and make assumptions about your activity while Spire senses your breathing and tells you whether you are focused, calm, tense or active and when it senses that you are tense or stressed out it sends you an alert to ask you to relax and take a breath.

Spire SP1 weighs just 0.8 ounces and measures 1.7 x 0.6 x 1.2 inches, so it is quite compact and lightweight and the small breathing activity sensor unit itself is like a little grey stone that is hard and firm enough to cope with day-to-day wear and tear (is also washer-proof) but comfy enough to be worn all the time, during the day or at night and it won’t really be much of a disturbance or distraction. As the operating system is Apple, it comes with an iOS Spire app that is now available on iTunes as well (not just the Spire website) to help you in meditations or little simple exercises to improve your calm and focus. It is not just about tracking your breathing either, but also your respiratory patterns and steps and calories like on other fitness trackers, by simply clicking to your belt, bra or onto your pants- any part of your clothing unobtrusively that may apply pressure to your body. It also offers up to 7 days of battery life so you can wear it for a week on a single charge and a wireless charging pad so you don’t have to hook it up to your computer with a cable.

It is about improving your state of mind, improving your calm and reducing tension and stress. The way you breathe depends very much on your state of mind and by actually changing the way you breathe- breathing properly can certainly enhance the way you feel- you become more calm and focused and less tense and stressed. Spire is a product of great innovative technology that monitors very subtle changes in tension that you probably wouldn’t be aware of and offers you the tools to work with them. It includes a few sensors that monitor the breathing patterns that get analysed and reported back to your iPhone. You can use it any time- when you’re standing, sitting or even moving but will work best when you are sitting down on a chair. We quite like its battery charging capability on very nicely designed battery charging pad- all you do is remove the stone and place it on the charging pad that is quite easy and quick to work with. You can set goals like focused or calm and monitor your progress by looking at very easy to understand pinball icons. App works in the background and tracks your respiratory patterns and collects  data so it is not really something you have to check throughout the day.

Spire Breathing Activity Sensor for Healthy Mind and Body SP1Notifications Spire sends can come in very handy as it senses that you’re stressed for more than 2-3 seconds it will send a notification- aiming to calm you down. Spire appears to be a great simple solution to make you think more about the state of your mind by also offering you tools to improve the way you feel. The kind of clothing you’re wearing may affect the sensors and they may not detect your breathing properly or when you’re changing positions constantly when you’re sitting but the app will let you know that it could not sense your breathing. And it only has the iPhone app and no Android app so far and it may be at least few months or more to have it work with Android (as of this product review date). Changing the way you breathe and learning to do it properly is one of the simplest ways possible to improve your mental and physical well-being and you will have increased endorphins or reduced your blood pressure (breathing exercises in yoga are very important and it is actually an ancient science and if you have been sitting for a while or not been active Spire will tell you to take a walk so that you can feel less tense and better overall.

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