Sony KDL40R380B 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV Review

Black Sony KDL40R380B LED TV via Amazon

sony kdl40r380b 40-inch 1080p led tv

Sony KDL40R380B is a new mid to late 2014 model 40 inch (39.5 inch to be exact from corner to corner- diagonally) LED television with 1080p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. It is not a smart TV and you’re paying for the Sony brand name, quality and trust that comes with it but is still has quite a budget price. It is an easy to set-up and use TV that allows you to customise different picture settings, use black corrector and contrast enhancer to improve the picture quality.

Sony KDL40R380B weighs 22.4 pounds and has the measurements of 35.6 x 20.3 x 3.1 inches without stand. Being a good quality edge-lit LED TV it will be fine in different lighting conditions with rich colours and deep blacks that you see on Plasma televisions. It comes across as more of an old fashioned TV with very clear image quality and modern design with easy-to-use features and nothing super fancy of an expensive smart TV. For sports and fast moving things you may want to try the Vivid mode, try and reduce the blur with the LED Motion mode. Colours are great and you can get even richer colours with the Live Color. Play around with the other simple settings to reach the perfect picture. Sound is also quite satisfactory and you have the Sound Booster to bring out the bass more and to get the ideal inflexion in sound, use the Clear Voice feature.

sony kdl40r380b led tv

Sony brand TV’s are not likely to let you down and at this budget price level you’re getting great value for money and keep in mind that Sony will not often be offered at a reduced price. It has a nice and simplistic design with the thin edges and solid stand and will look good in any living room. You are not paying for extra features that you won’t use like the integrated Netflix and Pandora- you may have a Blu-ray player which already has all those functions. It is a great quality old fashioned TV and does its job of offering very decent picture (high details of stunning high definition without distraction-1080p resolution) and advanced television sound (Bass-reflex speakers of 8W + 8W for deep bass- deep lows and crisp high pitches) well. And Sony products are known to be very durable- they often last a very long time.

For action and sports, fast motion scenes (people and objects) seem to run fluently with also the help of Motionflow XR 120 technology with sharp visuals and vibrant colors, enhanced contrast with the Crisp Resolution Enhancer Technology. Sony KDL40R380B comes with a USB port and two HDMI inputs to connect to HD components and one of the customers report to have had a problem with the HDMI/MH1 port – that it was not reading properly but they were naturally told by Sony customer service that the port was for mobile peripherals so they changed it and got it to work- in case you have a similar experience. 40 inch screen is not very big for a very large living room but the price of the product is not big either, considering this is a Sony, a company that uses Japanese capacitors rather than Chinese unlike most other television brands including Samsung. It is an Energy Star compliant TV with a maximum power consumption of 89 watts in operation and 0.5 watt in standby mode and comes with a 12 month parts and labor warranty by Sony.

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