Sony BRAVIA KDL55W800C 55 inch FHD 3D Smart LED TV and KDL50W800C- W800C Series Review

55″ Sony KDL55W800C 1080p 3D Smart LED TV via Amazon

Sony KDL55W800C Full HD LED TV

The new Sony KDL55W800C is a Full HD Google Android Smart TV as part of the new 2015 model W800C series (other option is the 50 inch version KDL50W800C). The 800C is similar to last year’s 800B series with better 3D functionality and both series TV’s handle fast moving stuff very well and they are LED backlit (edge lighting) and have 16:9 image aspect ratios. 800C have the 4 x HDMI and 2 x USB ports that play videos as well as still photos and audio files. Sony KDL55W800C (and 50W800C) is quite easy on the eyes with the curved metal rod base and as one of the slimmest frames on record with the top half of TV being even thinner than the bottom half. It is 54.6 inches to be exact- measured diagonally and has dimensions of 48.4 x 27.9 x 2.4 inches without stand and 48.4 x 29.9 x 8.3 inches with stand and handles motion stuff quite well as the native refresh rate is 120Hz (effective Motionflow XR 960). Picture quality is still quite good in this year’s 800C in dark or bright rooms and it will not reflect much light.

LED backlighting is edge lit type and X-Reality PRO ensures super clear images with greater dynamic contrast and enhanced vibrant colours (richer than competitors) so whether you’re watching sports event and high definition movies or streaming videos, even the Youtube or smartphone videos will be upscaled on your screen and everything will look life-like and very natural. Android TV comes with unique new features like Voice Search, Google Cast (similar to Chromecast), personalisation powered by Android TV and a massive variety of content and apps you have on Google Play and without needing any game consoles you will be able to play the Play Station 3 games straight on your TV screen so it is actually more than a regular ‘Smart TV’ with all these features and whatever you do on your Android smartphone you can do it on your large screen TV and you will have access to it all. Voice Search is quite an interesting feature, you just speak into your compatible smart phone or the optional Touchpad One-Flick remote control (it comes with a standard remote without Android features) and you just say something like “Tomorrow’s Weather” or “Comedy Movies”.

Sony W800C FHD 120HZ LED TV

The new Sony W800C TV is relatively easy to set up and very easy to use- feel just like a computer, you can adjust the settings to whatever you want and if you experience any lagging by Android operating system, just unplug it and restart the TV but generally speaking Android runs quite smoothly. It doesn’t include 3D glasses and to see which type is compatible, simply go to the last page of the User Manual and see it under the optional accessories and also doesn’t come with a PS4 game controller. One of the review sites claim that it doesn’t get very bright either and the viewing angles are somewhat limited as compared to LG televisions with IPS panel, but it is not really the case according to real customers and they’re happy with the viewing angles.Speakers are not the best and if you are picky about your sound you will need an appropriate sound bar. Youtube, Amazon Video on Demand and Netflix come pre-installed on the TV and thanks to the huge selection available via Google Play store you will not be restricted with just what may be offered by Sony.

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