Seiki SE43FK 43 inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV 2015 Model Review

Seiki SE43FK FHD 60Hz LED TV via Amazon

Seiki SE43FK 43-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV- 2015 Model

Seiki SE43FK is the new 2015 model budget non-smart 43 inch Full HD 1080p resolution LED backlit HDTV with 16:9 image aspect ratio and 60 Hz native refresh rate by Seiki Digital Inc. This model is also available in four different sizes: SE19HL, SE24HJ and SE32HY with regular HD 720p screen and SE50FY with Full HD 1080p. It comes with a comprehensive 1 year replacement warranty by Seiki as a proof that company stands behind their products and toll-free customer service including setup and technical support when you have any problems. Replacement warranty simply means if they can’t fix the problem on your TV they will simply replace it for you.

Piano black Seiki LED TV looks nice and modern with a thin bezel design and shouldn’t look out of space in any room of your house- living room or bedroom despite its low price, weighs 16.4 pounds and has the measurements of 38.35 x 22.6 x 3.28 inches without stand and 38.35 x 24 x 3.28 with stand. It includes a stand of little legs (but you don’t have to use it if you wish to mount it on the wall) and a standard user friendly remote, has a digital audio out via the optical jack (use a digital to analog converter if you need analog audio out to connect older type speakers etc.), a USB and 3 x HDMI inputs for super clear FHD digital image and immersive surround sound via a single HDMI cable (choose a better quality cable) so you can hook the TV up with any Blu-ray player, streaming media player or cable box.  LED stands for light emitting diode and helps with sharper contrast and more vibrant colors for better overall picture quality while consuming less power.

Seiki SE43FK 43-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

It has the V-Chip technology to allow parents block certain movies and shows by choosing the rating category that their children can watch through the easy to access menu (the setup interface is both simple and intuitive).  Despite its very low price for a 43 inch Full HD TV, picture quality is quite good for such a budget TV- it is as bright and clear as you can expect from a much more expensive FHD HDTV and same goes for the sound, although it will not impress those used to soundbars or home theater systems, it is clear and volume can be turned up quite high- it gets loud. The legs on the stand can feel a little flimsy according to one of the customers (we don’t have the TV in front of us- this review is based on research online) but it is also VESA wall mountable and we suggest that you mount it and the TV itself is great- especially for the low price. This is not a Smart TV but do you really need the smart features and why pay for stuff that you won’t use much? We recommend this decent basic TV with great picture and sound at a very affordable price.

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