Samsung UN55H7150 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV Review

Samsung UN55H7150 55-Inch Smart LED TV via Amazon

samsung un55h7150 fhd led tv

Samsung UN55H7150 is a 55 inch Full HD- 1080p with two million pixel resolution and 240Hz native refresh rate 3D Smart Edge-lit LED backlit TV with local dimming. Resolution is almost twice as high as the standard high definition TV’s to be able to see all the details of whatever you’re watching. It has the instant on, micro-dimming pro that improves contrast, detail and colour for brighter whites and deeper blacks- more realistic picture, a quad core processor for a better and faster smart TV performance- helps run the Smart Hub quickly and smoothly, you can also share TV content with your smartphone or tablet or control your TV.

Samsung UN55H7150 has a large stand but you do not need a big TV table to accommodate this stand as only the centre part of the stand touches the table, it is quite stable but doesn’t swivel. As compared to the previous Samsung H6400 model, the frame around the screen is about the same thickness- is very thin with small borders giving it a frameless image look but the back is thinner in this new model but the plastic is about the same quality- 0.25 inch bezel that is only 1.3 inch deep. Picture quality in dark room is excellent with a black rate of 0.022 cd / m2 and having a few lights on is not a problem: Screen is the glossy type but reflects less ambient light than other semi glossy TV’s, but the reflections are more defined and the reflection rate of 0.7%.

samsung un55h7150 3d led tv

The motion blur is great as the Effective Clear Motion Rate is 960 and the refresh rate is 240 Hz so you will see how good it is in fast moving image in sports, games or action movies- minimal motion blur. The input lag when set in either game or PC mode is about 43.4 msec, so the Samsung W850B is a better choice for gaming. But with its fast refresh this one is still quite well suited for gaming and sports programming. About the viewing angles, the colours change when viewing angles change, this is not an IPS display so go for an IPS one if you need better viewing angles. Black uniformity is almost perfect so nothing to complain about here. Gray uniformity is even better- surprisingly good but the edges are slightly brighter. It is a great television overall that comes with many features and apps and a unique beautiful Smart TV remote, except for viewing angles.

The brand new design egg shaped remote control with point and click functionality is quite unique and impressive, for example you can speak into the microphone by pressing a button on the remote to do web search or change channel, it has a central small touchpad that helps you control all the elements on screen just like you would with a mouse and more buttons than before and fits your hand very well, so no more fiddly remotes of Samsung in the past. It has the latest smart TV interface as well as a multiline screen – split in half, so you can continue what you’re watching while viewing smart tv features on the other half- multitasking advantage provided by the Dual Screen feature. It even has the Motion Control function- hand gestures with camera accessory that you can purchase separately.

samsung un55h7150 fhd 3d smart led tv

Samsung UN55H7150 weighs 36.8 pounds with stand and 32.6 lbs without stand and has the measurements of 48.2 x 27.8 x 1.3 inches without stand and 48.2 x 29.4 x 10.5 inches with stand, two pairs of light and comfortable 3D Active glasses are included in the box as well as the Smart Touch Remote Control with 2 AA batteries. Connectivity inputs include 3 USB ports, 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, a Component and 2 Composite inputs. The picture quality with great colour, contrast and black levels is quite similar to the H8000 model’s but this one doesn’t have a curved screen.

The TV guide is adequate but not good enough to replace a satellite box or cable guide. And it seems to be criticised more for side angle viewing in 2D and 3D content. Sound and volume with the DTS Premium Audio 5.1 sound is more than sufficient for a TV at this level but we can’t say it is the best of the best- 2 x 10 watt speakers and 2 x 10 watt small woofers but you will still be better off with the external sounder or audio systems- being such a light and thin TV. It has an integrated WiFi adapter for wireless connectivity that works well with a full internet browser that can also be used with a wireless keyboard. Considering the great extra features it has and the picture quality is quite good so probably no need to overanalyse, as you’re being offered great value for money here- highly recommended.

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