Samsung SmartCam HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Monitoring Camera Bundle (SNH-V6414BN) Review

Samsung SmartCam HD Plus Camera Bundle via Amazon

Samsung SmartCam HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Monitoring Camera Bundle (SNH-V6414BN)

Samsung SmartCam HD Plus SNH-V6414BN is another recent release great new security camera bundle for wireless monitoring with a Full HD 1080p resolution video quality and ultra wide 130 degree angle camera lens that will help you keep an eye on things at home when you’re away. It feels quite intuitive and easy to run once you set it up quickly first time you receive it as what you do is download the Samsung SmartCam free monitoring and alert app that is available for both Android and iOS on Google Play or App Store to your mobile device or computer and simply follow the instructions on the installation wizard. You’ll experience advanced, innovative and user-friendly features like Night Vision for up to 32 feet distance, True Day & Night, Two Way Talk, Sound and Motion detection, Motion Zone Select and push and email notification of event detection with up to 30 seconds of footage recording no matter how far away from your home, even when you’re in another country. You will view very good quality clear and sharp image on your computer, tablet or smart phone from this 1080p resolution camera with very large viewing angles when you’re keeping an eye on your children or the elderly in the house as the large 1/3.0 inch CMOS sensor will let a lot of light through the camera lens for bright and clear video, vibrant colour and greater details.

Samsung SmartCam HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Monitoring Camera Bundle (SNH-V6414BN)

Samsung Light Enhancer will help produce better colours in low light conditions and with several viewing streams you and other people can watch what’s going on in the house simultaneously. Two Way Talk feature can be very handy at times when you want to direct your pet to have food from a feeder, calm your child or talk to people in the house through your smartphone or computer microphone. Samsung SmartCam is an indoor camera that is not designed for outdoors use so if you plan to do so you will need to place it in a weatherproof enclosure but we recommend using it only indoors. You can stream your videos to third party video sharing platforms and it comes with a microSD card slot that allows you to store files through a microSD memory card for up to 128GB. Motion and Audio Alert function works for only real things like your window breaking or someone entering the house, rather than rain or moving shades and with Motion Zone Select you are given a choice as to in what parts of your house you want to be alerted and you can draw a box in up to three motion zones. In the box you will get the Samsung wireless camera, 8 foot power adapter, 3 screws and wall anchors, 4.9 foot LAN cable, 16GB microSD card and a Quick Start Guide. This is more of a monitoring solution rather than a hard core security unit for break-ins as the recording will stop when the camera stops working for whatever reason but overall this a great quality camera with useful features overall.

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