Samsung SDR-5102N2T Security DVR without WiFi Adapter for SDS-P5102 16 Channel Review

Samsung SDR-5102N2T Security DVR without WiFi Adapter

Samsung SDR-5102N2T DVR without WiFi Adapter

Samsung SDR-5102N2T is a DVR that is suitable for both home and businesses, compatible for use with computers and smart phones to let you view wherever you are in the world at any time with the remote viewing on iPolis mobile app or Internet Explorer on your PC, working as part of the Samsung SDS-P5102 16 channel security. As an open box but brand new unit, it lacks the original packaging and the WiFi adapter but has all the related accessories. This great quality 16 channel DVR uses H.264 compression method for recording, 30 frames per second at 960H real-time monitoring (maximum resolution of 960 x 480), comes with very large 2TB storage, USB 2.0, HDMI and VGA outputs and includes 16 BNC ports to connect up to 16 cameras and 16/4 Alarm In/Out. Black Samsung DVR looks sleek and modern, weighs 14 pounds and the package measures 12 x 14 x 18 inches. It is easy to set up and use- ready to go straight out of the box with its easy to manage touch control panel, you can download iPolis mobile on both your Android and iPhone devices and you will also get an integrated display, support for multiple languages, PTZ support, Coaxitron support, email notifications. You have the 2TB internal storage and you can’t add more internal storage but you should be able to hook up an external storage device.

Samsung SDR-5102N2T DVR Connectivity

Samsung 16 channel Security System is easily customisable so you benefit from an advanced monitoring system with great notification options and you can respond immediately. When one of the cameras is covered, redirected or damaged or motion is detected you will get live video from your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablets on the iPolis app. Samsung SDS-P5102 includes 10 weather-proof cameras and you can have 6 more as being a 16 channel surveillance system. Using Samsung’s Smart Viewer Central Management software you can oversee several systems in different parts of the world at once on your single display- monitor or screen. With the Privacy Masking function you can exclude parts that you don’t wish to view by blocking as many as four areas of each camera’s viewing field. Samsung WiFi adapter (SEA-W01ACN) is not included with this DVR but with it you will not need network cable connection and you can put the DVR anywhere suitable in your home or office as long as within the wireless range. And for a complete all-in-one unit and other related products please check the product page that you will reach through the links here. *Samsung is a global brand for a variety of electronics, especially HDTV’s and mobile phone and they also make awesome security and surveillance systems you can rely on and at reasonable prices.

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