Samsung SDH-B74041- 8 Channel HD 1TB Security Camera System Review

Samsung SDH-B74041 8 Channel 1080p HD Security System with 4 Outdoor BNC Bullet Cameras (SDC-9443DC) 

SDH-B74041 - Samsung 8 Channel 1080p HD 1TB Security Camera System

In case you plan on installing a decent personal security system in your house, the first thing that you will need is a set of surveillance cameras. Good surveillance camera systems can capture crystal clear HD footage during both day and night, in all weather conditions.

Samsung SDH-B74041 is exactly one such system, it includes 4 all-weather HD bullet cams (SDC-9443DC) and an 8-channel DVR with a 1 TB built-in hard drive. The DVR is also backward compatible with non-HD analog cameras, so if you have any older security cams installed in the house, you can connect them to your new Samsung surveillance system.

The first and often the most important part of any camera surveillance system is the camera itself. In this case, you have 4 of them and each one can be connected to different outdoor and indoor areas of your home to monitor and warn you of any intruder movements or break-in attempts. The cameras are capable of full HD recording and can clearly capture important details such as facial features, color, and numbers.

Compared to traditional surveillance cameras which have a rather limited 70-75 viewing angle, these wide angle cameras are designed to provide you with a wider view thanks to their 105 viewing angle that lets you in on the whole picture. Dust, water, and the wind pose no threat to your footage as IP66 weather resistance ensures that these cameras operate through harsh conditions like rain, sleet, snow, and storm.

SDH-B74041 - Samsung 8 Channel 1080p HD 1TB Security System

The brain of this entire system is the Samsung DVR that stores and shares the footage with you no matter where you are. You can sync the surveillance system with your Android phone or iPhone using a downloadable app that lets you view the live footage from all your cameras no matter where you are in the world.

Motion detection and face recognition will let your surveillance system notify you when your mailman or delivery man leaves a package at the door, or when your child gets home from school. A large 1 TB hard disk drive ensures that your cameras can keep recording all day long without running out of space, and advanced features such as privacy mask let you set areas in the camera’s field of view that you don’t want to record or monitor.

These cameras have a night vision range of 82 feet due to some really advanced IR sensors, and a range of 132 feet with ambient lighting. The entire system is very lightweight at just 14 pounds and can be upgraded with up to 4 more cameras in the future since the DVR supports 8 channels. This is one of the more affordable models and as you begin to add extra cameras or record for longer time periods, you will find the built-in 1 TB disk drive to be inadequate. Still, that is no deal breaker as you can always upgrade the hard drive in the future and this is definitely a good deal for the price.

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