Samsung 840 EVO 750GB SSD Bundle Review

The new Samsung 840 Evo via Amazon

Samsung 840 EVO SSD 750GB

A Solid State Drive that offers almost everything.. Those times are long gone when the SSD devices were so pricey and a typical PC customer couldn’t afford them. With the falling prices and memory space of the SSDs rising significantly, providing customers with another reason to purchase them.

Solid state drives don’t look particularly different or unique when you open the inside. They are made up of simply one printed signal panel by using a few control and storage chips put in. You will find quite a bit of vacant space within the disk drive housing, due to the constantly rising functionality in design of chips. Samsung 840 has the dimensions of 100mm x 69.85mm x 6.8mm and offers the estimated reliability of 1.5 million hours (MTBF stands for mean time between failures- a software is used by engineers to measure this figure).

You should look at 3 important factors when you intend to purchase one: Power/capability, overall efficiency, and cost. So now you have the innovative Samsung 840 Evo making things easy by giving you all. This Samsung EVO device comes with a massive 750 GB of memory, which is sufficient amount for most computer systems to be operated using one drive..

Samsung 840 EVO SSD 750GB

The Samsung 840 EVO is very similar- almost the same as the previous 840 SSDs, but the color has changed- now it is a dark gray. The disk drive has the preferred 2.5 inch- 7mm layout and includes the newest 6Gbps SATA 3 standard, runnIng also with earlier SATA types of storage. It comes with the integrated 256-bit components AES centered security engine unit so your files are very safe. This particular SSD also seems to improve the computer battery life by more than 25 minutes as compared to the standard 7.200 rpm rotating speed devices.

It has the ultra rapid disk drive with substantial memory space.. Pros include enormous speed with the RAPID off function, super quick with the RAPID on, storage capacity, this particular one has 750GB and comes in different sizes of 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB, it has an SED- Self-Encrypting Drive security concept and a 3 year Samsung guarantee. The only negative point we can see is the RAPID mode is just the solo disk drive.

Conclusion: Offering rapid performance and efficiency, reasonable price tag, and a top notch memory space of 750 GB (and available from 120GB to 1TB), the Samsung 840 Evo SSD has anything you would want in an inner SSD storage device. What could be improved, particularly the marginally low speed continuous read rate and the three-year guarantee could be a bit longer, but these are such small flaws that it is still the best value for money Solid State Drive out there. It brings a brand new and interesting era where SSDs are becoming similar to normal typical SATA hard disk drives regarding storage size as well as costs, at the same time remaining much much faster.

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