REOLINK Argus Track, 4K PTZ Solar Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with 6W Adjustable Solar Panel Review

REOLINK Argus Track, 4K PTZ Solar Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with 6W Adjustable Solar Panel

REOLINK Argus Track, 4K PTZ Solar Security Camera, Wireless Outdoor Camera, 6W Adjustable Solar Panel

High-performance 4K PTZ solar security camera for both indoor and outdoor applications is the REOLINK Argus Track. Its amazing feature set includes dual-band WiFi, auto zoom tracking, AI detection, 8MP color night vision, and a 6W adjustable solar panel. The purpose of this wireless camera is to offer thorough monitoring without the inconvenience of intricate wiring or extra costs. To assist you in determining whether it satisfies your security needs, we’ll look closely at its design, features, performance, and user reviews in this product review.

Design and Build Quality

The sleek, white REOLINK Argus Track is a modern-looking dome camera that fits in well with a variety of settings. It is simple to place on walls or other surfaces thanks to its small size (3.33 x 3.3 x 4.64 inches) and lightweight construction (3.58 pounds). Because of its IP65 water-resistant rating, the camera is guaranteed to last in adverse weather conditions.

With its 4-meter cable, the integrated 6W solar panel offers adjustable positioning for the best possible solar radiation capture. However, a few customers have complained about how heavy the solar panel’s long power line and solitary 1/4-20 mount point might be. Furthermore, the mounting bracket for the camera tilts the device downward, which could lead to an unnecessary tilt in the image as the camera spins.


With its advanced auto-tracking technology, the REOLINK Argus Track can recognize and follow people, cars, and animals inside its service area. The camera avoids blind spots with its 360° surveillance capacity, which includes a 355° horizontal range and a 50° vertical range. Because of this, it’s especially useful for keeping an eye on wide spaces like driveways, backyards, and business premises to make sure no activity goes unseen.

The dual-lens configuration of this camera provides unmatched clarity and depth in surveillance, allowing it to simultaneously zoom in up to 6× on moving targets and capture whole scenes in breathtaking 4K UHD resolution. This hybrid zoom function makes it possible to get up close and personal without sacrificing the overall context of the area being observed, which is crucial for precise observation and documentation of evidence. The Argus Track, which has two strong spotlights and f/1.6 aperture lenses, is an excellent choice for nighttime surveillance. It can capture bright 4K color photos from up to 30 meters (100 feet) away, even in dim lighting.

The Argus Track’s sophisticated AI detection technology reduces false alerts by differentiating between people, cars, and animals. It detects intruders and, in addition to sending push notifications to your smartphone in real time, turns on spotlights and sirens to scare them away. The camera provides numerous storage options at no additional cost, including as local storage on a microSD card, FTP, and Reolink Cloud. Because of its wire-free construction and 6W solar panel that powers it, this security solution is both economical and environmentally beneficial, especially in areas with spotty power availability.


REOLINK Argus Track, 4K PTZ Solar Security Camera, Wireless Outdoor Camera, 6W Adjustable Solar Panel

The REOLINK Argus Track works flawlessly in a variety of situations. Customers have praised its excellent video capture quality, highlighting the 4K resolution’s sharpness and color night vision in particular. Strong and reliable connections are made possible by dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz), which is essential for uninterrupted video streaming and remote access.

On the other hand, a couple of users have complained about connectivity problems, including the camera’s inability to keep a stable WiFi connection, which can cause events to be missed. This emphasizes how a strong WiFi network is necessary to take full advantage of the camera’s capabilities.

Although there have been isolated reports of the camera failing to monitor all motions or disconnecting during event reviews, the auto-tracking and AI identification features generally function properly. The camera’s overall effectiveness in identifying and tracking objects is impressive, even with these small issues.

User Feedback

Out of 70 ratings and reviews so far, The REOLINK Argus Track has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from satisfied customers. The camera has received positive reviews from users for its simplicity of setup, excellent imaging, and solar power efficiency. An important benefit for people who are not very tech-savvy is how easy installation and configuration are made possible by the wireless design and the user-friendly Reolink app. Furthermore, storing video locally without paying additional fees is a huge advantage that gives users financial savings and peace of mind.

The Argus Track has proven to be very helpful for many users in keeping an eye on places like residential buildings and community pools that are vulnerable to vandalism and trespassing. Another often cited feature has been the solar panel’s ability to sustain the camera’s charge even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

On the other hand, a couple of users have identified shortcomings. In some installations, the camera’s bracket’s fixed downward tilt may restrict its versatility, especially if a level view is required. Concerns about connectivity have also been raised by some, who believe that the camera’s reliability is impacted by challenges in keeping a strong WiFi connection.

Finally, even though the auto-tracking feature works well most of the time, customers who depend on it for complete security coverage may find it unpleasant when it periodically misses movements or disconnects at critical times.


For those looking for extensive coverage without the hassles of wired installations, the REOLINK Argus Track 4K PTZ Solar Security Camera is a reliable and feature-rich choice. High-quality monitoring is provided by its 4K resolution, dual-lens view, color night vision, and AI detection, and its solar-powered architecture guarantees continuous operation.

Although it has a few minor shortcomings, such few mounting options and sporadic connectivity problems, overall performance and user satisfaction make it a good alternative for home and business security applications. Its allure is further increased by the lack of subscription costs, which offer an affordable option for frequent use.

The REOLINK Argus Track, which is powered by green energy and guarantees reliable and detailed surveillance, is a smart purchase if you have a robust WiFi network and need a high-quality, flexible security camera.

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