QOTOM-Q190G4-S02 2016 Barebone J1900 Industrial Mini PC Review

QOTOM-Q190G4-S02 Barebone Mini Computer


QOTOM-Q190G4-S02 is a 2016 release barebone, fanless, industrial compact desktop PC with entry-level specs and limited connectivity options. Barebone PC simply means no storage /SSD, no memory / RAM, and no Wireless and you’ll need to add these according to your needs. It includes a quad-core mid-range power efficient J1900 processor (2M cache) at 2GHz to 2.41GHz speeds with turbo boost and no hyperthreading and with a Passmark benchmark score of 1879 that shows it is a mid-range processor overall. It comes pre-installed with Windows 7 without the license but you can choose another operating system- Linux, Win 8 or the latest Win 10 as they are supported by the system which also supports Pfsense, which is free and open source WAN or LAN router, firewall, DHCP Server, VPN appliance or DNS Server. You have the integrated Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) for regular daily multimedia performance and entry level gaming (only the older games like Half Life 2 and WOW will run fluently), and Realtek ALC662 HD Audio for adequate sound performance depending on the speakers you will use. You can use this Qotom Mini PC as a host system at home, office or anywhere a computer may be needed. It weighs just 1.32 pounds and measures 5.28 x 4.96 x 1.85 inches- so it is super lightweight, compact and portable. It runs on AC power and not batteries and consumes little electricity with a modest power consumption of just 10 watts. There is no built-in fan and runs totally silently, without annoying or disturbing you. 


There is no built-in storage as we mentioned, but two slots- one for Serial ATA HDD and another mSATA SSD slot, and up to you whether you want to have both or just HDD if you want size but not the speed and you’re on a budget and pay more and get an SSD with also prices coming down if you want overall snappier performance, including quick boot-ups. There is a single memory slot that supports up to 8GB of RAM and you can either put in a 2GB, a 4GB or an 8GB (1333 / 1600MHz DDR3 SO-DIMM memory) depending on your multitasking needs. For connectivity, you simply have two USB 2.0 ports, a VGA output, four LAN with RJ-45 ports (4 x RJ-45 port – 4* Intel WG82583 – 10/100/1000 Controller). On the rear panel you can see the WiFi option, 4 x RJ-45 connectors and a 12V DC input and on the front panel you’ll find a VGA port, a HDD LED, the power switch with LED which is a bit too bright and a HDD LED. We would have liked to see an HDMI output rather than the older VGA output as some of the new monitors do not use it anymore. The compact computer and the included accessories are inspected and tested before getting out on the market and the warranty offered is the standard one year for parts and labor by Qotom and you can call or email them if you need any assistance. This is a clean and nice looking basic computer with a capable processor, that runs as promised and very quietly. The J1900 processor with a benchmark score of just under 1900 is much better than the Intel Atoms and as a mid-range CPU it can handle all of your daily tasks- Office, internet or games smoothly, but not the advanced games or very demanding programs.

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