Q-See 8-Channel 4-Camera 1080p Security System with 1TB HDD DVR – QTH83-4CN-1 Review

Q-See QTH83-4CN-1 8-Channel 4-Camera 1080p Security System 

Q-See 8-Channel 4-Camera 1080p Security System with 1TB HDD DVR - QTH83-4CN-1

Black Q-See QTH83-4CN-1 is a hot new release wired security system with 4 security cameras that record videos at Full HD 1080p resolution for sharp and clear images, and an 8 channel DVR for home or small office use. Cameras are weatherproof- water and dust resistant (IP66 rated) so you may use them comfortably indoors and outdoors. They are motion activated and offer wide viewing angle so you see more and as much as 100 feet of night vision with great quality LEDs and include CMOS optical sensors so you can see more of the objects or people whether they are close or distant with finer details day and night, have a peace of mind 24 hours and 7 days a week.

You shall be able to see the recordings or live images anytime from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop as the system is compatible with Apple (MAC OS 10.7 and up), Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 and 8.1) and Android systems whenever you want with the integrated mobile surveillance, as long as you have adequate bandwidth. You will even get emails with a live picture from the system when the cameras sense any motion. You can set it to record non-stop and can definitely rely on it as the Western Digital Purple HDD hard drive has a large 1TB storage capacity and is surveillance-rated. The DVR and cameras will need to be assembled- connected, mounted and installed. For how much it costs, Q-See QTH83-4CN-1  is a very decent security system with a very good quality video- crystal clear FHD images both day and night (great night vision!) and you will have everything you need for assembly included in the package but you will need your own monitor, cable and surge protection. Wiring is the main thing and you may want to plan it before attempting to install it, the rest is easy with a user-friendly playback interface.

Q-See 8-Channel 4-Camera 1080p Security System 1TB HDD DVR - QTH83-4CN-1

The user guide is not the best, is just a piece of paper and if you’re new to such systems it may be a little challenging so you just go on the internet and download the proper manual with all the details you’ll need. The 8-channel DVR means you can have up to 8 cameras although 4 are included in the package. It is very easy to install on your mobile phone or tablet as you just need to connect the DVR to your router, scan the QR code with the built-in Q-See app on top of the DVR and voila!. The hard drive can be a little noisy so you may want to put it somewhere convenient if you don’t want to hear anything. This is a very functional and versatile security system with each camera with different settings, that should be sufficient for most home or small office owners. The whole product weighs 15 pounds and the dimensions are 16 x 12 x 13.5 inches. As a wired security system it includes four 60 feet long BNC cables as well as an HDMI cable, the DVR power supply (12V AV Adapter) and a USB mouse in the box. Warranty offered is two years by the manufacturer if anything goes wrong within the first 24 months of your purchase and you’ll find a customer support team happy to assist you with your queries or issues.

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