Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4-K DJ Controller Review

Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4-K DJ Controller


As you may be aware, a great number of people are DJ-aspirants and even if some of them have not quite mastered the art, Disc Jockey is one of the coolest professions around. It is not very easy, but if you can master your controller, there is nothing like it. The more people a DJ can get in the groove, the better it is for his reputation, but the success behind every DJ lies in his controller. Here’s one controller that will make their lives all simpler. The “Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4-K DJ Controller” ticks most of the right boxes and seems to be a great companion of a DJ on his day.


The Pioneer DJ DDJ is extremely easy to connect with the dedicated cable points at the rear of the controller. A lightning cable or a USB Cable is required to connect it to your computer or smartphones. The operating systems supported for PC include Windows, MAC or Linux and the platforms for your smartphones include both Android and iOS. Apple also has a dedicated app for easier wireless connectivity with the controller. One needs to simply download the easy-to-use WeDJ Pioneer app on their smartphone and it’s done. A rekordbox DJ license is also provided with the purchase of the controller, which is a unique license key, used to establish the data of the user and store in Pioneer’s own cloud service.

Technical Specifications

  • The layout is extremely simple, which is essential for mastering the keys.
  • There is a host of features which are included in the controller, like the Hot Cues, Ampler, and Pad FX.
  • The loops are packed in a compact light-weight design, which ensures that the DJ does not need to exert too much of a force in order to play a song in a loop, and include variations in it.
  • The discs too are well placed and form a symmetrical design.
  • The UI of the controller is decent as well, with all the important keys and switches aligned in a uniform direction, to make it easier for the DJ.
  • PC Master Out feature has also been included and is the first feature to be included in Pioneer DJ Controllers’ class.

Why use Pioneer DDJ DJ Controller

Pioneer’s DJ Controller has blended the perfect ingredients of style and function to it, making this one of the best DJ Controllers around. Not only is it easy to operate, but also will prove as the best controller for beginner DJs. With all the essential features, packed and loaded, this Controller is a dream machine for some DJs.


  • Easy controls
  • Simple UI with symmetrically aligned discs
  • Switches and keys aligned in a uniform direction for easier use.
  • DJ license provided with the controller
  • Host of features including the quintessential PC Master Out feature


  • Though it has almost all the features, the controller is arguably over-priced
  • Takes a bit of time to pair with the smartphones over the lightning and the USB cables


Though one may argue that it is a little over-priced considering all that it has to offer, a DJ will not think twice before getting his hands on this beast of a controller. Rightly so, this is, by far, one of the classiest DJ Controllers by Pioneer and it surely packs a punch with all those beautifully aligned keys and controls.

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