Perk Coffee Maker & Water Cooler, K-cup Compatible, Stainless Steel Water Dispenser Review

Perk Coffee Maker & Water Cooler via Amazon

Coffee Maker & Water Cooler, K-cup Compatible, a True Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

Perk Coffee Maker & Water Cooler is an all stainless steel office grade 2-in-1- bottom loading and self cleaning type water dispenser, that is also a practical K-cup compatible coffee maker with a patented design at a very reasonable reduced price for liquidation purposes at the time of this review. It is suitable for being used conveniently in offices, cafes, hotels and restaurants. It is a great looking unit in all stainless steel (looks better than photos as reported by one of the customers) weighs a bit over 42 pounds and measures 12.6 x 15 x 43.9 inches, and being both a decent water cooler and K-cup compatible coffee maker it will save you on space in your kitchen or your house, especially if you don’t have a lot of area in your kitchen. It is simple to set up and there is not much maintenance required and you will need to descale it only once a year or so, thanks to the Featherheat technology that helps avoid calcium scale accumulation by slowly heating water. Descaling is usually once a month in other competitor models so think about how much time and effort this will save you. This is a self cleaning type water cooler and by using unstable oxygen all the harmful bacteria will be destroyed and your water will taste nice and fresh at all times. *But being a closeout unit it is not refundable unless the item shipped to you is faulty and is offered with a limited warranty.

Coffee Maker & Water Cooler, K-cup Compatible, Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

As a very functional coffee maker you can make a variety of beverage types you can find in Keurig K-cups. To get the best results with coffee making just use your favorite filtered or spring water and the detachable drip tray will let you have enough space for taller travel mugs. And don’t assume it will make bad coffee just because it is mainly a water cooler and heater, it brews coffee at the optimal 201 degrees Fahrenheit- recommended temperature by the National Coffee Association, which is up to 31 degrees higher than other single serve brewers and you will get a great tasting coffee with rich flavours as it is made at exactly the same temperature as coffee shops. Magma Thermoregulator technology includes a very decent heating section so your hot water is kept at 194 degrees constantly (hot enough to make tea, instant coffee and soup) and at 201 degrees when in coffee making mode and the Iceberg Thermoregulator technology ensures a very cold 40 degrees Fahrenheit (usually fluctuates between 40 to 50 degrees in other water coolers). It uses a 5 gallon (or 640 oz.)- the biggest water reservoir available for any single serve brewer and you can even choose from three cup sizes of 6 oz, 8oz and 10oz and your coffee will be ready between 32, 37 or 43 seconds depending on the cup size selection and can make 4 cups in total without having to pause. It has a digital time display at the front and lets you choose an on and off time, set the cold and hot temperature but please note that it will take about 10 minutes to heat up. This is a very good value unit and not to be missed if you’d like a water cooler and coffee maker in one in your office or home.

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