Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera, 720p Interactive Wireless Pet Treat Cam and Treat Dispenser 1001-11CL Review

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser 

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera, 720p Interactive Wireless 1001-11CL

Pawbo 1001-11CL is the new interactive wireless pet camera with 720p resolution high definition image quality and 110 degrees very large viewing angle to get the job done with video quality that can be compared to PetChatz and Petzi, a treat dispenser with a removable tray underneath that is easy to clean.

The links on this page will take you to the newer version Pawbo Life PPC-21CL model. It has a LED status indicator with a red light and green light just above the camera lens that indicates activity and power on. It is easy to install in just a few minutes, is very easy to operate and with two-way communication you can talk to your pets or family using the free Pawbo app on your tablet or smartphone screen even when you’re very far from the house.

You can take snapshots or even save videos and download them straight into Cloud based Dropbox. At the rear of the camera you just have the power cord, reset button and WPS button if you have WPS protection on your router and everything else will be controlled through the Pawbo app and there is also a speaker at the back and you speak through the microphone through the app and you can also decrease or increase the sound.

We like the integrated laser dot chasing game, several audio effects- entertaining app to connect with your pet and the ability to share beautiful images of your pets or kids on social media- Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but it doesn’t include night vision which may not be that important as you may be leaving a light on at night for your pets or motion alerts. In the box, you will get the Pawbo Wireless Pet Cam with Treat Dispenser, an AC Power Adapter between 110~240v and a Quick User Manual with instructions.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera, 720p Interactive Wireless

Single touch function treat dispensing is a very handy feature (divided trays let you put different treats in. but try and put smaller pieces or break the larger treats before putting them in) and how it lets you communicate or play with your pets is really nice.

Secure and free Pawbo app is very easy to set up on your portable device and works with both Android and iOS and you need versions 4 and above for Android and iOS 6 or higher to run the app on your iPod, iPad or Phone.

You can also use it as a baby cam but of course without treating your baby and interact wirelessly with your family or pets with better-connected visuals and enhanced sound and video communication which makes it a fun to use and interactive product. It is made of solid plastic with mainly glossy white and a little black and feels well made with a solid base to sit on, has a sleek and smart design, a small footprint with its fairly compact and vertical (is smaller in the flesh than pictures).

It weighs 1 pounds and measures 4.4 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches and can be mounted on a wall through the two screw holes but if you don’t mount it on a wall you’re better off placing it somewhere higher like on a shelf if you have a dog that may potentially play with and break it. We have been observing quite a bit of competition in the cam industry with brand new products with innovative new designs coming out on the market frequently and this new Pawbo Petcam is a good one with its fun, interactive and useful features like treat dispensing, voice compatibility, good HD image quality which you can adjust for smoother connectivity, laser games, compact design if you don’t want something large and bulky.

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