OOSSXX Wireless IP Security Cameras, 4*720P 80ft IR with Wifi NVR Review

OOSSXX Wireless IP Security Cameras, 4*720P 80ft IR with Wifi NVR 

OOSSXX Wireless Security Cameras

The Wireless Security Cameras OOSSXX are designed for use in many different places, including restaurants, retail shops, hotels and even homes. These cameras can be used by a variety of different types of businesses as well as private residences for surveillance purposes. 

With 720p (1080×720) HD resolution, the video quality that these cameras produce is clear and crisp. There is also a built-in router along with two Wi-Fi antennas. These antennas can work well within an area of up to 1000 feet, or 200 feet with obstructions. A pre-installed 1 TB hard drive is able to record over 270 hours of video, and all four of the cameras come with motion detection.

A number of customers have reviewed these wireless security cameras online, and a majority of them have mostly positive things to say about them. One of the most common things that people reviewers like is the solid overall build as well as the motion detection feature. The large hard drive that is able to record hundreds of hours of video is definitely something else that many customers comment on in their reviews. In the box, you can expect to get the four cameras, a DVR with 1 TB hard drive with a mouse, and a power cord in case you decide to wire it up. 

Wireless Security OOSSXX 4CH 720P

Pros and Cons:

There are a number of great things about these security cameras, including the high-quality resolution, solid overall build and motion detection feature. The fact that there is a DVR with a 1 TB hard drive is also a huge plus, as it allows for many hours of recording. One of the few negative things about these cameras is that they can be difficult to install for some. There is also the power supply, which could potentially get damaged for those who plan on putting the cameras outside.


There are many different people who can benefit from these wireless cameras, including those who run businesses like hotels, retail stores, restaurants, office buildings and much more. Any homeowner will also be able to benefit from having wireless cameras like these inside and/or outside their home, especially those who want to know what is going on at all times. In conclusion, these OOSSXX wireless cameras are a great investment to make for many businesses and private residences. The variety of modern features, including motion detection and the wireless design, offer a lot for those who are serious about security.

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