Onkyo LS-T10 Envision Cinema 6.1-Channel 3D Surround Base System Review

Onkyo Envision Cinema LS-T10 Sound Base System via Amazon

onkyo envision cinema ls-t10 sound base system

Onkyo Envision Cinema LS-T10 is a completely new 6.1 channel 3D sound base TV speaker system for a great rich sound experience with its 4 full-range speakers / drivers at the front, 2 on the sides that send 3D sound to the sides and a 6 inch 21W subwoofer with its own 6-channel digital amplifier that is downward firing at the bottom, all of which give you that amazing room filling surround sound.

Black Onkyo LS-T10 looks quite smart and is not a very light unit at 19.5 pounds weight- heavier than most sound bases so you can easily put a TV of up to 55 inches size and 77 pound weight. This way you will have saved some space and greatly enhance the sound quality of your actual TV. It plugs directly into your TV or you can stream sound from Bluetooth. The sound quality is good with the powerful nuanced bass in movies and music but much better in movies with all that surround sound effect, clear dialogues and boom in action movies and you will tell the quality of the sound better when you turn the volume up to the top.

It is very easy to set-up with a single audio connection and Bluetooth streaming- it has Bluetooth to connect to Bluetooth enabled devices directly and enjoy your music- so you can connect your tablet, smart phone or computer wirelessly to stream content. Onkyo is great if you have limited space in your living room as you put it directly underneath your TV. It doesn’t have a display to guide you when you’re pressing the buttons on the remote but then there is not a lot you need to be displayed, you just need to differentiate between the 3 pre-programmed modes and you can see them by looking at the front.

onkyo ls-t10 surround sound base system

At the back you will find a host of connections: 2 Dolby digital- 1 optical and 1 coaxial to connect to your TV and analog 3.5mm audio output and only 4 buttons at the top: Select Input, Plus and Minus and the button to change modes between the pre-programmed news, music and movies. There is a USB button at the rear which you can use to play MP3 content on the flash memory devices. The maximum sound level is more than adequate for a regular size living room. The simulated surround sound is better than other similar systems with a more accurate and detailed sound delivered by the extra speakers, the high end AuraSphere digital signal processing that handles the equalisation and output levels and the subwoofer. The sound always seems to synchronise with the images as it may go behind the image on some other systems at times.

Onkyo LS-T10 has a credit card size small remote control that can be a little hard to use- so they really didn’t have to make it this small. Another thing that can be pointed out as a flaw is the sound quality during Bluetooth streaming- it is not as good as TV sound or the music from CD but still decent. It most certainly offers great value for dollar and sure there are better sound base systems on the market but they do cost at least hundreds more and this unit is definitely better than competition. It is very easy to install and operate as all you do is plug it into your TV with just one cable and use the remote of your television to operate- it is pre-programmed to be used with 9 different major TV brands. It does a great job and offers beautiful clear surround sound.

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