NutriChef PKFD23 Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator Review

NutriChef PKFD23 Countertop Dehydrator via Amazon

NutriChef PKFD23 Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator

NutriChef PKFD23 is countertop multi-level 6 tray, simple button control operation- time and temperature adjustable electric food dehydrator at a very low price. It looks nice, has a sleek, modern and compact design- fits nicely on the counter as it measures 18.9 x 13 x 9.4 inches and weighs 14.8 pounds but has a large capacity on its 6 commercial level slide-out tier trays enabling better flow of air as the unit is blowing the heat evenly from the rear onto all of the trays and you can dry different type of foods simultaneously. Dehydration is tested and proven scientifically to improve shelf life of foods- reducing spoilage so they will last longer, by taking the moisture out of them while maintaining as much as 97% of healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins, more than freezing or canning methods so you can prepare those healthy snacks in your kitchen with no added chemicals or preservatives so you can have these great tasting and healthy home made snacks rather than those candy bars or other unhealthy high calorie snacks from the shops. It is easy to use as all you do is slice the ingredients into thin pieces, place them onto the trays and press the power on button to start the process.

NutriChef PKFD23 Electric Countertop Dehydrator

You can set the temperature and time on its LCD digital display panel with the temperature adjustable from 95 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit and will shut off automatically after the set time is up. You will also be saving cabinet and shelf space as drying foods will actually shrink them so you can stock up conveniently for winter and you get crisp fruits and veggies. You can dry a great variety of foods consistently including fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat for beef jerky, grains and even to raise flour or make yoghurt and preserve flowers. NutriChef Dehydrator has these specially designed blue transparent trays that allow much easier airflow so it dries efficiently and quickly and as they are see-through you’ll also not need to open them to see what’s going on and runs fairly quietly- as loud as other dehydrators, not more. You will get a registration card and an easy to understand “User Manual” that tells you about the temperature settings for different items and how they need to be prepared. As a small con, there is no drip tray underneath to help you avoid the mess and to make the bottom part much easier to clean but the slide out design of trays that lets trays slide in and out is a big convenience over the stackable trays. This is a great value dehydrator with very positive customer reviews online (4.9 out of 5 stars at the time of this review).

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