Northair Hot & Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker Review

Northair Hot & Cold Water Dispenser with Ice Maker 

Northair Hot & Cold Water Dispensers with Ice Maker

Northair Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (574ZB025) is a top loading unit with a built-in ice maker and can be used with different sized bottles- 2, 3 and 5 gallons. It dispenses hot and cold water and makes ice at your request. There is a child safety protection on the hot water nozzle.

NorthAir Water Cooler Dispenser comes with a detachable ice and water separator and an ice storing plate which are both easy to clean. The sides of this water dispenser is stainless steel and the top is made of solid plastic. There are 4 functions on this water cooler including the cold water at ≤8℃ (4 liters per hour), hot water≥ at 90℃ (5 liters per hour), cold water and ice making at the same time, and ice making only.

You’ll get bullet shaped ice cubes in just 7 to 15 minutes at each cycle depending on the temperature in the room. The ice maker on this water cooler has an ice making capacity of 26 pounds per day and it has a 4.4lb. ice storage. The ice maker will stop working when it senses there is not enough water in the bottle to make ice. And you have a warning light that tells you this. It also stops when the ice storage is full of ice. You’ll get an ice scoop included in the box and you can get your ice through the ice door.

To get hot water you just press the hot water button and the green light indicator will start blinking as the heating element starts working. When this light stops blinking and is always on- illuminating, then your hot water is ready. You do the same for the cold water and get the efficient compressor start cooling water. The cold water and ice making functions can be used simultaneously. It is important that you keep an eye out on the water tank for maintaining a decent hygiene level. So if you’re not going to use this water cooler for a while please remove the bottle from the top and drain all the remaining water from the two drain ports at the rear.

Northair Hot & Cold Water Cooler with Ice Maker

The NorthAir Water Cooler weighs 43.7 pounds and measures 12.4 x 13.98 x 40.16 inches. It is easy to operate and you have a user manual in the box as well. Cooling power is 160 watts and heating power is 500 watts, with 115V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency. It holds the UL certification meaning the water cooler meets the recognized safety standards, like having a Child Security Protection. The warranty offered on this product is 12 months by the manufacturer, along with a 30-day return guarantee. You may call or email/message their customer service in case of any problems.

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