NIGHT OWL C-841-A10 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security System Review

NIGHT OWL C-841-A10 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security System

NIGHT OWL C-841-A10 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security System

Night Owl C-841-A10 is a new release home security and surveillance system with the black 8 Channel HD 1080p resolution DVR that includes a pre-installed 1 TB size storage and 4 white cameras with high definition 1080p image quality (1080p video capture resolution) and that is suitable for use indoors or outdoors, larger viewing angles, IR Cut filter and Night Vision functionality and with 4 x 60 feet bundles of cables included as part of a complete system. It also works with analog cameras that you can hook up with your regular BNC cables so keep them if you have them. There is the Night Vision feature for up to 100 feet and will be just fine in complete dark or in full daylight but not so great when there is dust on them or when it is foggy. It can easily be integrated to your smart device with the intuitive smart app and you will not need a computer display for the playback as you can conveniently view stuff from multiple cameras on your smart phone screen. You can store the image or video straight onto the device and play back up to 6 months of video footage but for the very simple setup you need to connect the DVR to home or business internet modem router via network cable and you download the Night Owl app to your smart phone and start viewing and storing picture and video directly on your phone.

NIGHT OWL C-841-A10 8 Channel 1080P DVR Security

Night Owl DVR doesn’t have to be connected to the home internet network for it to work and please note that DVR is not wireless and needs to be connected to the router by using a cable and you can also view stuff on your HDTV screen by using the HDMI output. Clearer and sharper high definition 1080p picture and video quality is essential in new surveillance systems for being able to better identify the things and people, recognise the little details like facial features and number plates and to display movement. You can upgrade from your existing older video surveillance system smoothly by using Night Owl AHD- Analog High Definition technology easily and saving on money by using the existing coaxial cable (minimum of 24AWG cable gauge) and you will not be likely to experience IP conflicts or network problems. Four cameras are included in the package and to upgrade to eight cameras you need to get a power adapter but you can connect other brand cameras to the DVR channels. Reception and image quality are great with these Night Owl cameras and system seems to function very well overall. It may be a little daunting to some users at first but after a few hours of playing around with menus and pages they will get used to it as it is a plug and play kind of system after all. The system weighs 14.6 pounds and measures 8 x 11.5 x 20 inches.

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