Netatmo Welcome, Smart Home Camera with Face Recognition NSC01-US Review

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Netatmo Welcome, Smart Home Camera with Face Recognition

‘Welcome’ is a very smart home camera security system with ‘Face Recognition’ technology developed by the French company Netatmo (you may already recognise the Netatmo brand from the smart thermostat and weather station units). It has a Full HD camera offering beautiful picture that connects to your router via Ethernet or WiFi, using desktops apps or apps for iOs and Android which you can get from App Store or Google Play Store, lets you keep an eye on your home, kids or pets when you are at work or out somewhere. Modern and pretty anodized aluminium Welcome camera system weighs just 14.1 ounces with measurements of 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 inches.

Facial Recognition technology lets Netatmo Welcome NSC01 identify your family members (it has a large 130 degree viewing field- 130 degree lens), when kids get from school it sends you a notification to your smart phone (check-in style notifications) telling you their names. It also works as a burglar alarm as it will alert you straight away and send you a photo of that person’s face straight away. If you know the person you can simply confirm the person as a guest and if you don’t know them you can take action- call the police. For the obvious privacy concerns, everything is backed up to an SD card (you get a micro SD card for free in the box) rather than a Cloud based storage so you don’t need to pay for expensive video storage fees (no contracts, no subscriptions, no monthly fees) and will be safe and private as all the videos and data will be gone when you remove the SD card (bank-level encrypted connection secures the broadcasting- highest level protection) and you have free video access from your PC, Apple computer, iPhone or Android devices (the only thing saved on Cloud is the simple screenshot of each event).

Netatmo Welcome, Smart Home Camera with Face Recognition NSC01-USWith the very interesting Facial Recognition feature, you will be able to view the live Full HD broadcast very clearly day and night (with an infrared sensor it has superior night vision and can record video at night time too). You can customise the settings: Companion app lets you select how close the unit follows the family members’ movements and you can set it to disable notifications for some people or do it at specific time frames and about recording videos, you can choose it to not record at all, each time anyone is in front of the camera or just the first time someone arrives home or review past events by a single click. We’re not sure if the unit has a clear system to know when someone leaves as they will not be likely to face the camera on their way out and Welcome may assume they are gone even if they just stayed in another part of the house. The Welcome Tags that are clad in anodized aluminium (beautiful design) can be stuck anywhere in your house easily and they will communicate directly with the main camera and give you the exact same notifications when someone gets out of the back door etc. You do not need to log faces one by one as it will automatically take snapshots of faces and will be set to your smartphone, there is no initial set-up process, it is very easy to use and considering how advanced this technology is and how useful it may be advertised, price is quite good too.

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