Lorex LNR400 Series LNR4082C6B 1080P HD 8 Channel NVR Security System Review

Lorex LNR400 Series LNR4082C6B Security System via Amazon

LOREX 1080P HD LNR400 Series

Lorex LNR4082C6B is a 1080p FHD resolution 8 Channel NVR security system as part of the LNR400 Series and comes with 6 x POE cameras of 1080p resolution, up to 150 ft night vision function, HDD hard drive of 2TB capacity that is compatible with PTZ (Pan-tilt-zoom) cam and FLIR Cloud for mobile viewing (like the STRATUS on the LNR300 series). It is a wonderful surveillance system that works easily by simply plugging in the cameras provided PoE ports on the NVR- an easy to operate plug-and-play system that you should have up and running in no time.

The viewing angle the LNR400 Series offers is larger than what is available with the Lorex LNR 300 series if you’re familiar with them and 4 of the digital IP POE cameras are bullet style with 84 degree view field and 2 of them is 90 degree view field- both types obviously come with Full HD 1080p resolution image quality, they are both weatherproof which means they are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation (PoE stands for Power Over Ethernet and you get power and video transmissions via a single Ethernet cable). The bullet style cameras have up to 150 feet superior night vision in ambient lighting and up to 100ft in pitch dark and the dome cameras have 125 feet in ambient and 85 feet in total darkness. NVR and the great quality cameras work together to offer you superior FHD recording in real time.

 LOREX LNR400 Series Bullet CameraYou can save very realistic HD or FHD footage for days- 24 hours and 7 days a week on its security grade 2TB capacity pre-installed 100% duty-cycle hard drive that is expandable up to 8GB (4TB x 2) and you can easily back up the recordings to another hard drive simultaneously but you may want to record in lower resolution if you wish to make the provided hard drive space last longer, best picture quality with the best recording resolution in security systems (30 frames per second per channel and FHD recording). Pentaplex operation means yo can do a few things at the same time: Record, watch, playback, control the unit remotely and do backups, which also means viewing live and playback at once, even of a chosen an area. It comes with the FLIR cloud app with an easy 3 step installation that allows remote viewing- it is compatible with Mac and PC and you can view on Android or iOS devices (tablets and smartphones) instantly- in just seconds and works really well like the STRATUS on the LNR300 models.

One of the customers pointed out that they couldn’t find any instructions on optional alarm output and inputs and the Quick Install guide wasn’t very comprehensive but they added that the unit was simple to set-up anyway thanks to the PoE connection, once the external cameras and wires were in place but you may need a bit of time to be familiar with all the settings and options. The fan in the main NVR is a little loud and the cameras that you get in the box are fixed focus and can not be zoomed into the scene. Other than that, the system is rather easy to install, picture quality is really good but better in day mode than night mode and the FLIR Cloud works really well- great connectivity. It is not a very cheap security system but definitely worth its price tag and we would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an awesome value security system and this is optional but you may want to spend a bit more for the boxes and tubes for wire protection from external damage.

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