LG Electronics 55UB8500 55 inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV Review

55 inch LG 55UB8500 4K Ultra LED TV via Amazon

lg 55ub8500 ultra hd led tv

LG 55UB8500 is the most recent 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart 55 inch edge backlit LED TV by LG Electronics. It is 54.5 inches exactly- from corner to corner, suitable for larger rooms for many people to watch from different angles with its IPS panel display and the 2160p resolution offering maximum clarity- consistent picture from every angle. It looks good too with its wide stand and smart and minimalistic simple design.

4K means this television has 4 times the resolution of FHD for super sharpness and it can upconvert the FHD and SD content to almost 4K with the Tru-Ultra HD Engine Pro for the best image quality with a 4 step process to check and improve the broadcasts to achieve the best quality picture with maximum clarity- The 4K ultra HD technology works well with 55 inchers and above. But please note that although it is great to have the 4K but there is still not a lot of content with 4K out there.

The quality of picture is outstanding with a slight light bleeding- that exists on all ‘edge backlit with local dimming’ LED televisions but at least it is minimal on this one. The Magic remote control is easy to use and works fine with the mic button engaging voice commands, motion controls and a scroll wheel. LG 55UB8500 comes with 9 picture modes, 4K resolution with HDMI 2 input, Netflix 4K support, IPS display for watching TV from different angles and useful internet enabled features at an affordable price.

The set-up process is not very quick with the questions to answer such as your cable box model, cable company name, the state and city you are in, zip code and other info before starting to watch your TV but once this is done TV’s performance feels rather snappy, in terms of start-up time and overall speed. With the magic wand remote control, the smart TV menu is very easy to navigate. You won’t need several remote controls as the universal magic remote controls all your compatible home theatre, Blu-ray player, set-top box and sound bar. You can send content- photos, videos, songs directly from your tablet or smart phone through the home network or over WiDi from your notebook.

lg electronics 55ub8500 smart tv

Very good quality television overall with great entertainment options for connecting to and surfing the web with its web browser, streaming videos, listening to songs- probably one of the best 4K HDMI 2 TV sets at this price level. Being a LED TV you get great performance in different lights, brilliant colours with 10-bit colour depth- deeper blacks and natural hues like you’d see on Plasma TVs, very little motion blur in action movies or sports with its 120 Hz refresh and UCI- Ultra Clarity Index of 1320, same passive 3D technology that you experience in cinemas that is almost as good as active 3D with two pairs of battery free light 3D glasses provided, you experience minimum colour degradation on this set that you see in 3D TVs.

LG 55UB8500 TV offers great gaming experience giving two gamers full-screen view when sitting next to each other and without the split screen- two images play at the same time on the screen. Connectivity options include a USB 3.0 port, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, LAN, Headphone, PC Audio, Composite, Component, RF, Optical Digital Audio Out.. It offers decent sound quality with the Clear Voice II technology and 2 x 10 watt speakers for good sound clarity that enables you to better understand the conversations, but this built-in sound system is not as great as you’d expect from a 4K top of the range Smart TV and of course cost much less than these TV sets.

It weighs 45.2 pounds and has the measurements of 2.1 x 28.6 x 48.5 inches without the stand. With a single cable high speed HDMI you can experience the best home theatre connection with surround sound and HD quality solid picture. So it offers a robust platform for smart television functions and great picture quality, but without the amazingly powerful speakers or massive size that yo used on the expensive 4K models, that’s how LG manages to cut the price to make the 4K TV affordable for an average customer and it lacks a few apps, such as the Pandora and Plex.

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