LG Electronics 55LB5900 55 inch 1080p 120Hz LED TV Review

55 inch LG 55LB5900 LED TV via Amazon

LG Electronics 1080p LED TV

LG 55LB5900 is a 55 inch LED HDTV with Full HD 1080p resolution so it offers true-to-life images with fine details and vivid colours- the picture quality is rather good with almost twice as many pixel resolution as the regular high definition televisions which will show itself more with your Blu-ray films and HD television channels.

With high 1080p resolution you get 1080 resolution lines for a much sharper and clearer picture with great colour detail and brightness. LG 55LB5900 TV’s energy efficient LED backlit display means vibrant and detailed colours for a much better experience and enables slimmer televisions. This is an Energy Star qualified television so you save 30% on power bills in both normal and standby modes. Being a LED backlit display, you’ll experience great image quality in all lighting conditions as well as superb colours and deeper blacks that you’d get on a plasma.

LG Electronics 55LB5900 LED TV

The MCI- Motion Clarity Index is very high at 240 so when you’re viewing sports, action or fast moving anything you’ll notice the difference and you’ll feel more in the action and images still look very clear. High MCI means minimum motion blur- greatest motion clarity, improved frame rates and enhanced local dimming on LG’s 54.6 inch large diagonal display. You will have fun playing your games on it as well with decent sound and amazing picture quality with an MCI Index of 240 and the Triple XD Engine technology. Triple XD feature contributes to better colour production and vivid true-to-life images.

LG 55LB5900 comes with a USB 2.0 port so if you have any multimedia saved, you simply plug it in and play the content on big screen. You can also transfer the photo, video etc. on your smart phone to the large screen and charge your MHL enabled mobile device- tablet or smart phone simultaneously with MHL cable. You will also find 2 x HDMI ports for higher resolution sources and a component video input for less resolution sources, to connect several HD sources.

You’ll get 1080p resolution picture and digital surround sound with a single cable. Sound quality is pretty good with the Clear Voice II Technology, Dolby Digital Decoder and 2 x 10W integrated speakers and you can always use LG’s optical output to connect to a home theatre or high power audio. Mono/Stereo and Dual options, 6 sound and 3 sound optimiser modes give you the ability to manage sound better.

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