LG Electronics 32LN520B Review

LG Electronics 32LN520B 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV via Amazon

LG 32LN520B is a must have if you are planning to buy a 32-Inch TV. It is a 60 Hz LED TV with 1366×768 pixel resolution (720p), weighs just 13 pounds and has the dimensions of 29.1 x 8.2 x 19.6 inches- with stand. (This is the style 520B). Refer to Amazon.com for the 530B style.

This is a HDTV with LED screen for better and clearer picture with vivid colors and brightness and sharpness. LED TVs are also more energy efficient than LCD TVs. This LG is no different, being ‘Energy Star’ qualified to make sure you save on power bills both on standby mode or when working.LG Electronics 32LN520B review.2

In my experience LG is one of the best and sturdiest HDTV brands in the world and their TVs give you many easy adjustment options- much more than other brands. This one is the same in that sense as it comes with 7 picture options for different video aspect ratios including 16:9 cinematic ratio and other useful features. Audio options are great too and you have two stereo speakers- 10 Watts each.

Great to connect your laptop with a HDMI cable and watch HD quality videos from Youtube or other sites such as Netflix, or you will be more than satisfied with the image and sound quality if you wish to play games on it through your Play Station.

This is a solid and sturdy TV with the trust you get from an LG brand, so it should last you a long time with its great build quality. You have the advantage of ordering from Amazon here as your order will almost always arrive at your address right on time.

For how much it costs, this LG 32LN520B is hard to beat in the 32 inch 720p category HDTVs. Its cheap price does not mean you are getting an inferior TV at all! The only thing that we see as kind of a small disadvantage is the 60 MHz refresh rate. If it were 100 MHz you would get even less pixelization during fast action scenes- but you gotta really pay attention to see it.

But it is great during slower video, also thanks to its Triple XD engine for video noise reduction, better contrasts and colors and overall image quality. It is really beautiful and crystal clear! We would recommend this TV to anyone looking for a great quality 720p HDTV that is well priced.

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