LG 27-Inch Class StanbyMe 1080p Portable Touch Screen Monitor 27ART10AKPL Review

LG 27″ Class StanbyMe 1080p Portable Touch Screen Monitor

LG 27-Inch Class StanbyMe 1080p Portable Touch Screen Monitor 27ART10AKPL, 2022

The LG 27-Inch Class StanbyMe 1080p Portable Touch Screen Monitor is an innovative display that combines the greatest characteristics of a television and a tablet, giving customers a versatile and mobile solution for their entertainment and productivity demands.

This monitor provides great versatility and convenience with its built-in battery, full swivel movement, and five wheels, allowing users to work, play, or stream content wherever they choose without the limits of power outlets and cords.

Design and Flexibility:

The StanbyMe has a sleek and modern design with a neutral black color that will go with any indoor style. The 27-inch FHD IPS touchscreen display provides crisp and colorful graphics for movies, videos, and multimedia content, ensuring a memorable watching experience.

What distinguishes this monitor is its outstanding flexibility form factor. Users may easily spin, swivel, tilt, and adjust the display’s height to achieve their ideal viewing angle, whether in portrait or landscape mode. The five wheels in the base make it exceptionally simple to transfer the monitor from one room to another, allowing users to watch their favorite shows or work anywhere they like.

Connectivity and Streaming:

The StanbyMe has an array of connectivity options, including NFC, HDMI, USB, and AirPlay 2. Users can wirelessly reflect material from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology by simply touching their devices to the NFC logo on the back of the screen. Apple customers may smoothly stream, share, or mirror their favorite entertainment from iPhones, iPads, or Macs with AirPlay 2 support, increasing the monitor‘s versatility.

Built-in Streaming Services and AI Enhancements:

The StanbyMe, which includes built-in streaming services, gives consumers simple access to a wide choice of over-the-top (OTT) material, making it a one-stop entertainment solution. Its 7 Gen4 Processor is a smart feature that intelligently detects content genres and ambient lighting conditions, optimizing screen settings for exceptional picture quality.

Audio and AI Smart Features:

The StanbyMe’s audio system includes two built-in 10W speakers with AI Sound capabilities, providing an immersive and rich sound experience. The monitor, which runs on LG’s webOS Smart platform, includes a number of AI smart features such as Home Dashboard, AI UX, AI Recommendation, and Magic Explorer. Using Apple HomeKit and Siri on their Apple devices, customers can effortlessly control the monitor’s power, inputs, and volume via Home Dashboard.

Customer Feedback:

LG 27-Inch Class StanbyMe 1080p Portable Touch Screen Monitor 27ART10AKPL

Customers praised the StanbyMe for its portability and convenience, liking the possibility to use the monitor in different rooms of the house or even outside on the patio. The touch screen feature, as well as the swivel and tilt adjustments, garnered rave reviews for being both comfortable and user-friendly.

While the overall response has been positive, some customers have expressed a desire for increased built-in battery life, citing the fact that extended use without being plugged in tended to drain the battery pretty quickly. Nonetheless, the convenience of charging and the possibility to leave it plugged in while in use alleviated many consumers’ concerns.


The LG 27-Inch Class StanbyMe 1080p Portable Touch Screen Monitor is a display technological innovation that provides the ideal combination of a television and tablet experience. Its built-in battery, full swivel movement, and wireless connectivity choices make it an excellent choice for people looking for a versatile screen that can adapt to their needs. The touch screen capabilities and AI smart features enhance the user experience even further, making it an ideal addition to any home or workspace.

While the monitor is somewhat more expensive, it delivers on its promises, providing unsurpassed ease and flexibility. Positive client feedback confirms its worth and practicality, cementing its position as a versatile and mobile display option for the modern era. The LG StanbyMe establishes a new standard for portable touch stouchscreencreen displays, making it an excellent companion for any home or professional environment, whether for entertainment, productivity, or streaming video.

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