Kami 1080P Wire-Free Battery Home Camera Kit, WK101 Review

Kami 1080P Wireless Home Cam Kit, WK101

Kami 1080P Wire-Free Home Camera Kit, Wireless Battery

Kami WK101 is a wireless battery home security camera kit with Full HD resolution, 20 fps, IP65, night vision, two-way sound, motion detection and more. The average rating is 4 out of 5 stars by 9 customers on the day of this product review. It is easy to install with three different methods given on the Amazon product page.

This wire-free modern Kami camera works with the rechargeable 1600mAh/11.84Wh Lithium-ion battery that can record for up to 2800 triggers or for 30 days after being charged. And there is the backup battery that you can transfer to easily and smoothly without much of a pause. You’ll get the colorful detailed video views and improved crystal clear 18 feet infrared night vision (or in limited lighting conditions) with the IR cut filter and the SmartSens SC2310 CMOS Sensor.

Kami Wireless Camera can work between the temperatures of 14 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit and you can install it both indoors and outdoors in your yard thanks to the IP-65 water resistant design. It just needs to be within your wireless coverage (2.4GHZ Wi-Fi connection).  The flexible smart security base station interacts with both the motion sensor and the camera and lets you use unlimited sensors and up to 4 cameras. The magnetic base that operates at 32-113 degrees Fahrenheit makes it easier to install the unit and point the cams in any direction you want.

You’ll get great panoramic views of 140 degrees and at 1080p high resolution. Kami Cam has an integrated microphone and speaker with clear sound of 3D noise cancellation for you to have a two-way conversation or to tell intruders to back off through the Kami phone app. This app lets you view and operate several security cameras, see the alert clips and share videos or photos. The sound and motion detection is accurate on this system and you’ll get your alerts as soon as the motion and sound happen. It uses the PIR type motion sensors.

Kami WK101 weighs 1.98 pounds and measures 8.2 x 4.5 x 4.4 inches and the cam viewing angles are 113°H, 59° V, 140° D. Please note Kami 1080P Wire-Free Home Camera Kitthat you can’t change the direction of the camera with the phone app. There is no SD card on the cam itself, but on the base station if you wish to save the footage on local storage. You need a network cable for using the base station, it won’t work without one. It comes with the free 7-day cloud storage for 6 months.

And you can pay for subscription if you wish to continue after 6 months. What this means is the motion-sensed footage shall be saved on Microsoft Azure Cloud for a week and the duration of the motion will be the video clip’s duration. The regular motion and the 6-sec videos with sound triggered alerts on your smartphone will be saved for 7 days before you need a subscription for CVR- continuous recording on a paid cloud service.

The Kami camera can be plugged into a power outlet as well, if you don’t wish to recharge batteries. You can’t link it to monitoring companies software or apps, but you will get real time motion or sound detected notifications to your phone. With the 24/7 real time live stream you can see your home, kids and pets when you’re not at home. In the box, you’ll get the Kami camera, a base station, two batteries, and a charging case. It costs much less than other well known brands like Arlo, while offering decent modern features, along with good FHD video quality, enhanced night vision, PIR sensor, Kami app, easy installation, additional battery, flexibility, and more. Overall good value for money, with small cons to report considering the low price point.

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