Jurassic FX43 Bronze2 with Quad Core AMD FX-4300 Review

Jurassic FX43 Bronze2, AMD FX-4300 via Amazon

Jurassic FX43 Bronze2 AMD FX-4300

Jurassic FX43 Bronze2 is a modern desktop PC with ‘sort of’ mid range technical specs and has been on Amazon.com till November 2015 so it is a fairly new release but with a quarter 4 of 2012 release AMD processor and the older video card NVIDIA GeForce 7025 with some basic gaming performance. It comes with the quad core AMD FX-4300 processor at 3.8GHz speed, 4GB DDR3L SDRAM memory at 1333MHz that lets you run a few browsers and apps simultaneously, 1TB Serial ATA-600 hard drive at 5400rpm rotating speed storage so you can save a lot of multimedia files including games locally and 64-bit Windows 7 Pro operating system that is much more liked than the newer Windows 8 and you have the option to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 for free as well. For connectivity it includes a 24X DVD+RW Optical Drive so you can run games or movies from DVD’s, an Ethernet port with RJ-45 connector, 6 x USB 2.0 ports, an older style VGA port (you need to purchase the VGA cord separately) and 4 SATA ports so the connectivity options are slightly older style as it lacks the faster USB 3.0 port, WiFi and HDMI output but it is wireless ready which means you need to get a USB WiFi dongle or a wireless card which don’t cost much at all. As Jurassic FX43 is not an All-in-One desktop it doesn’t come with a monitor but free USB wired mouse and keyboard combo is included.

Jurassic FX43 Bronze2 AMD FX-4300

It is suitable for work, home, students and you can perform a variety of complex tasks on it but you can’t play current games at reasonable settings. As mentioned in the product description on Amazon.com, games like the 2012 release Counter Strike Global Offensive, Everquest and similar others will work just fine. So the Quarter 4 2012 release AMD FX-4300 processor has a Passmark benchmark score of 4646 as of today and a Thermal Design Power of 95 watts. It has a beautiful design, weighs 20 pounds and measures 18 x 18 x 8 inches, is not portable or compact and is a bit heavy so it will need a fixed spot at your desk. It is a decent and solid system built with good quality components with a sturdy case without many plastic parts for the price level concerned, despite a processor that is 3+ years old. It works well and fast out of the box, boots up and shuts down fast as a powerful and capable one and is nice to have very large storage space to save all your files. System will be more than adequate as long as you don’t use it for advanced gaming and you can always get a mi-range and above graphics card for that. Fan can be a little louder than normal but not a biggie if you keep it further away from where you’re sitting and it is not very loud anyway. So all in all it seems like a pretty good value for how much it is priced at and we do not hesitate to recommend it. Warranty is the standard one year on parts and labor and you get technical support for the life of this desktop.

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