iSmart 8 Channel H.264 CCTV Security Surveillance System C5008DH-500GB-4C1006DP6 Review

iSmart 8 Channel H.264 CCTV Security Surveillance via Amazon

iSmart 8 Channel H.264 CCTV Security Surveillance

iSmart 8 Channel H.264 dual stream video compression CCTV Security Surveillance system in aluminium casing housing consists of a motion detection recording DVR on its included 500GB hard drive storage and 4 x CMOS Bullet 600TVL style weatherproof cameras in tamperproof housing rated at IP 66 with 1/3 inch Color CMOS with IR-Cut image sensor and 3 axis swivel mount that rotates 360, 180 and 360 degrees, wide angle 3.6mm fixed lens, sunshield protection, daylight sensor that are suitable for outdoor and indoor use and with IR Night Vision feature. System weighs 8 pounds with dimensions of 10 x 6 x 12 inches. Item model number is C5008DH-500GB-4C1006DP6.

iSmart Security Surveillance System can be used with your computer- Mac or Windows and also your Blackberry, Android or Apple smartphones and includes a free app for both iPhone and Android that allows you to view multiple channels simultaneously on Grid interface and smart search. You can view everything live on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any browser and you can take still photos or record directly on your smartphone. iSmart connects automatically (Peer to Peer) with just QR Code Scan and not having to go through a DDNS installation or router. To set it up you need to first connect the DVR to a monitor, you just fix your ID and password and you’re good to go: See things live on the internet or the stuff saved, on your tablet, phone or computer screen. You will have solid and reliable connection at all times on iSmart Network without port forwarding for remote viewing, DDNS or using a fixed IP address.

iSmart 8 Channel H.264 CCTV Security Surveillance Motion Recording DVR

All you need is your ID and password to get things started, as an easy plug and play system. You can record non-stop on the hard drive, at specified time or when motion is detected. In the box you’ll find the 8 channel Security DVR, a pre-installed 500GB hard drive, 60 feet cables (video and camera power), USB mouse, User Guide, 600TVL integrated outdoor 24 infrared LED IR with a 50 feet range in night vision. For connectivity you have the HDMI/VGA output, Audio/Video Out, Video Input, Audio Input, Network RJ45 port, 2 x USB 2.0, USB Out Backup, Spot Monitor Output. To be able to view the video remotely from your smart phone, tablet or computer you will need an internet connection at your location. Tamperproof bracket on cameras helps protect the cable from weather, accidental cut or attackers. Power supply is good for adding extra cameras as DVR requires 2Amp and a camera around 500 mAmp but extra wires are not included in the package and the power splitter that comes with it is 1-5 split. This is a very good value great system overall.

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