HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit with 20A MPPT Charge Controller Review

HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kit – A Sturdy Panel For Off-Grid Installations

HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Microcrystalline Solar Panel Kit

For off-grid applications such as boats, cabins, RVs and water pumping systems, the HQST 100 watt 12 volt microcrystalline solar panel kit with 20A MPPT charge controller is a rather ideal choice.

The sturdy system was designed for users who are new to solar panel technology. The solar panel and charge controller are both easy to set up, and the product offers quiet power production, as well as a 25-year power output warranty.

What’s the HQST Microcrystalline Solar Panel Kit All About?

The HQST Microcrystalline solar panel kit is a complete kit for off-grid applications that require clean and efficient solar power supply.

The kit can be installed in remote areas to provide power for cabins, sheds, trailers and complex systems requiring steady output. It is also easy to integrate with 12 and 24-volt solar power arrays and can be an ideal solution for powering signaling systems or water pumps.

EL tested UL 1703 photovoltaic modules and panels are used for this solar panel kit, offering a module conversion efficiency level of more than 15%.

Important Features Of The HQST Solar Panel Kit

HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Microcrystalline Solar Panel

Z-brackets and pre-drilled holes allow for easy mounting and installation. In the box, you’ll get a 100W 12V monocrystalline solar panel, along with the 20A MPPT charge controller. The Z brackets and mounting hardware is also included along with the 20 ft. 12 AWG adaptor cables.

Once installed, the HQST kit is capable of a power output of about 500Wh per day. Performance will, of course, depend on the amount of sunlight available. On average, it should be able to power a 50Ah battery in about 3 hours.

Aside from the power output warranty, you also get a 5-year warranty for the solar panel and a 1-year material and workmanship warranty.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that the cost is slightly higher than average for HQST panels and the panel in this kit is not bendable, it features a lightweight and sturdy construction, and can easily be installed through a quick setup process. The HQST solar panel kit is ideal for campers, RVs and trailers, and the friendly and efficient HQST customer support service can help you out if any problems arise.

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