Grand Videoke Harmony Plus (TKR-361 Plus) Karaoke System Review

Grand Videoke Harmony Plus (TKR-361 Plus)


Grand Videoke Harmony Plus (TKR-361 Plus) is the latest, portable, “Made in Korea” high definition sound Karaoke system on the market by WOW Videoke. It comes with more than 6000 RealSound integrated songs as compared to the 5156 songs you had with the Harmony TKR361P model, so you can enjoy great moments with friends and family with more songs in a very large song repertoire available to you. They are basically songs that are MP3-based and recorded live in a studio with proper instruments, to make it feel as real as possible with the original music and orchestra, vocals, and live instruments with also the Advanced Midi and Chorus feature that is redesigned to the original. You can also choose to turn on the vocals or off when you’re practicing the songs (Audio Multiplex). There are a variety of themed DJ mixes with proper vocals, that you can sing along at your parties (Medley) as you’ll find songs from the 80s, 90s, duets, latest hits and all-time hits and more as it includes a total of three packs of songs, with a price tag of 219 dollars at the time of this review. You’ll be able to sing easily with two microphones provided (one is wired and another is wireless), so you can enjoy great quality, loud and clear sound with decent voice pick-up, and you are able to connect another microphone so three people can sing simultaneously. 


You can save songs as MP3, or play songs, images and videos with the Multimedia player via SD Card or USB function that lets you play the karaoke songs in video format. You’ll find some pre-installed games on the Harmony Plus, that you can play with friends and family and you will be scored when each song ends. There is the new technology STP- Song Transfer Pack that allows you to install more songs. Grand Videoke Harmony Plus has a nice look and feel with a contemporary design, weighs 5.5 pounds and measures 11.9 x 11.7 x 5.5 inches. One problem that we experienced in the previous Grand Videoke Harmony was the audio delay due to the extra processing performed to give you a surround sound effect and if you come across this, you just need to play with your TV’s audio settings- enable the BYPASS setting. You have a lot of song choices, is easy to set up and operate- very user-friendly and functional, has an easy to view and manage interface that lets you search songs smoothly, comes with two microphones and you can connect another one, offers great sound quality, is built sturdy and is cheaper than the higher Symphony model. This is a decent modern product with better performance and features than the competition at a reasonable price, and you shouldn’t hesitate to look into it if you love karaoke singing. Harmony Plus is a high-quality product that is sturdy- built to last and is offered with a year of warranty by the manufacturer if anything doesn’t go as planned within 12 months.

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